January 15, 2010

Richard Armitage as Lucas North & His Peers

There are 3 hit tv programs that have consistently captured viewers imaginations for a number of years. They are the UK’s ‘Spooks’ starring Richard Armitage (we tend to see it that way:) and 2 others in the USA. The 8th season of ‘24’(starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer) begins this Sunday, Jan 17. Last year the setting for the show was Washington, DC…this time they’ve moved to NYC.

Link to the website follows where each new episode will be available for viewing within a few days of broadcast in the USA.  The premiere consists of 2hr shows on both Mon & Tues evenings.  Starting us off with 4hrs of '24' as NYC is 'Jacked' according to one of his NY fans.

The other show is ‘Burn Notice’ starring Jeffrey Donovan, 1st Episode on Jan 21. There are full episodes of yet another quality program - ’White Collar’ - available for viewing at the same website - check out the star…Yummy! Find ‘Burn Notice & ‘White Collar’ here:

This is Jeffrey Donovan...

Almost forgot...there's a new cast member for '24' and he is HOT!  The following pic does not do him justice but for a hunky male actor he certainly seems to have a low profile. As of today I could only find the following pic, but  that won't last long once he starts strutting his stuff on '24.'  His name is Freddie Prinz jr....saw him in a recent interview and he's another manly hunk with his ego in check....ooooh, that makes them so sexy, doesn't it:)  Almost hesitate to post this photo because he's 10Xs better looking.  It's only temporary....

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