January 9, 2010

Do You Doodle? Below is RA's famous Annabel doodle

He was asked to submit a doodle for the benefit of charity.  Can you decipher his words and possible meaning?  The box doodle was one of mine pre-computer days...covered all my notebooks, essay drafts, etc.  Anyone else constantly subliminally draw the two squares and then connect the corners?...wondering if it's common among doodlers.


phylly3 said...

Interesting...I have seen this doodle before, but it's nice to be able to comment about it. (Now we get to analyze his chicken scratch too!)LOL
I always doodled 3D boxes, but mine were always see-through ones, probably because they are easier to draw. This kind of box seems to require more thought. Funny that he would put an actual person's name there. That is not the act of someone trying to preserve their privacy. I wonder how the doodle was acquired? Was the doodle done as a result of the request or was it just a random doodle that someone found him doing and then asked if he would donate it?

RiCrAr said...

Isn't it interesting that we have doodling boxes in common w/Richard...probably means we're soul mates with him or some other impersonal thing:) haha...always looking for some similarity as a celestial sign that IF we were born on the same continent possibly
...maybe..:)...pitiful, isn't it. I know DH has had the same sort of dreams about at least 2 actresses, so guilt feelings are not a problem;)

RA's doddle---I suspect Annabel might've been involved with the charity drive that auctioned off celebrity doodles. Maybe that's why he included her name. Also, did he print 'partners in crime' and then draw something over the first word to avoid giving her the impression he was making a commitment at that time?

Skull & crossbones and the French spy reference?...after joining Spooks he said he'd always had childhood daydreams of being a spy.

I believe he deliberately doodled for the benefit, so it's not really an authentic one...is it? Wonder how much cash he earned for a worthwhile cause?

Twinkling Moon said...

wow! Ricrar, you're really good! Never heard of this doodle, let alone see it When is this doodle from? Can't believe he included a real-life person's name on it. Actually, more to the point can't believe some of the hardcore RA fans who want to know every detail of his personal life and seem to be fighting a crusade about his personal life and sexuality aren't using the AC reference as proof of her being his gf.

Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing :)