January 6, 2010

John Thornton Appreciation

Lovely - very creative North&South video....the picture quality improves after the first few frames so hang in there - it's worth it.



Ragtag said...

I'm forever in awe of people who can make fanvids. It must take so long. Those roses look so vibrant

One day i'll figure out how to do them...one day.

RiCrAr said...

Isn't it a unusually creative vid ragtag? Heathra's is scintillating as well - both in diametrically opposite directions. Heathra's is fast-paced heaven for Lucas dreamers...while melodyofsnow's is calming, the step back in time I found so captivating about N&S. Dear John Thornton was nudged off his blog pedestal by the new RA photos. Maybe we need a N&S week devoted to our memories of first being introduced to that charming 19thC world.