January 2, 2010

STRIKE BACK: New Promo Pics

OMG!!  OMG!!  OMG!!

I'd surrender immediately under BOTH circumstances:)  Ahhhh..John Porter has a boo-boo on his arm - Let's kiss it and make it all better...


Ragtag said...

Luckily I'm by myself, the screaming would scare the neighbours.


RiCrAr said...

Ragtag, have you read the Strike Back chapter highlighted in the first photo above? It's Lanni and John Porter in the hottest scene in the book. Wondering if there's more than one encounter for them in the screenplay since her character has been reported to appear in several episodes??

RiCrAr said...

I was writing my post while you were posting...there it was when I finished. LOL

I'm dying to know if you've read the kissing scene...choking myself so as not to reveal delicious details:)

Ragtag said...

YES I'VE READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And my imagination went hyperdrive

About Lanni in all 6 episodes, maybe he has flashbacks about it? They might make her more of a military character than just a 'pity nurse'.

Anonymous said...

Then you know it's a he!! of a lot more than kissing;) During that particular scene my thoughts naturally kept racing to images of RA ....made it all the more seductive:)

Everytime Lanni was in his presence prior to that symbolic night, Porter would take note of her cleavage, stockings, his admiration for the way she filled out the white blouse and then meltdown -- she was doing the patriotic thing for a soon-to-be hero. Did I ever tell you how patriotic I am? Ooooh, that's right -a slight technicality - different country. No matter...we're all part of western civilization and it's RA afterall! Just need to remind myself not to wave the red/white&blue while serving the cause:)

We watched eps 3&4 of Spooks7 tonight and hubby gave Ros another compliment. He said with admiration in his voice "she's a take-charge lady".


Ragtag said...

For a guy in his mid 40s in TERRIBLE physical condition it's a miracle he recovers his stamina so quickly, if ya know what i mean. :)

From this angle shortening the trauma time from 14 to 7 years makes the shortcut getting back into shape much more believable.

It seems the tanned look was just from a dark photo earlier. He still looks pretty pale in most of these later releases. I don't mind. Living where I do, tanning is over-rated!

RiCrAr said...

Well, a real 'guy' probably stores the necessary unused hormone in his hump(can't believe I actually typed that:) for the next time...no matter how long that might be.

Maybe SAS-Navy Seal types have an emergency supply of testoserone available - that or the blue pills:)

As we know Porter's life on the street wasn't without the challenge to physically defend himself. Hope you've already read that chapter.

We're close to the eastern shoreline of the US, so the beach has always been our vacation destination. Know exactly what you mean about tanning - horse leather comes to mind for those who insist on a year-round tan. Younger generation considers it embarrassing to arrive at the beach without a tan, which explains why those salons are still popular...often located next to the tattoo parlors. Wonder if a sunlamp can fade a tattoo??:) Will let someone else do the research on that one.


phylly3 said...

I just started the book. What chapter is the one you are referring to?! :P
I think I will skip ahead for a bit, I don't think I'll mind rereading that part a few times!

Ragtag said...

RiCrAr did you see the article in FHM about STRIKE BACK?

It talks about THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read something in there i hadn't read up to.