January 21, 2010

Richard Armitage: Lucas North Mentioned in Article

It's simply a mention of our hero but during this drought season...we'll take it!!:)



Mulubinba said...

Thanks for the link - I will have to read the article more carefully as they bring up some interesting points about the onscreen heroes of the 21st C as opposed to those of 30 or so years ago. I was interested that the writers used Lucas as an example. I would also have brought up the popularity of Gisborne who, given his misdemeanours is a great example of a character who is essentially a baddie and was made a "hero" by a large part of the audience. (Haven't finished S2 yet, though, so maybe S3 is different).

RiCrAr said...

Hi mulubinba, I need to re-read the article as well - but didn't the writer include Lucas North & Jack Bauer as two of today's 'white knights' as opposed to those with obvious character flaws who are nonetheless celebrated as heroes?

I've often wondered if the GoG character became so popular due to many womens' propensity(possibly maternal instinct:) to want to take a bad boy under their wings in hopes of helping him find redemption as a result of her tender, LOVING, care??

Whatever the reason, Richard's nuanced portrayal of the passionate Sir Guy was irresistible even for those who realized it's an almost impossible feat to save severely emotionally damaged males from themselves. Unfortunately, many women who've tried can attest to that sad fact of life.

Heavy stuff for a Fri, isn't it:)