January 27, 2010

Richard Armitage Fan Photos for Drool Factor Poll

1.  Richard reading Ted Hughes poem 'Song?'

2. Harry's debt collection remark to Geraldine "with tongues?"

3.  John Thornton or Lucas North in fine-tailored suits?

4. Deliciously-toned biceps, pecs, abs pics?

5.   Love scenes?

6.  Or candid shots of 'the real thing?'...lunch w/Spooks crew..
at the airport in Moscow while on location for Spooks...

Clowning w/Hermione(Ros)...


Anonymous said...

My favourite pictures are the 'real' ones. To me they depict Richard in his most interesting and challenging 'role'! ;) Franciska

RiCrAr said...

We're agreed on that point, Franciska:) The total package is very charismatic. An example - RA's comment that he tries not to focus too much on the fan aspect of celebrity, in order to keep it 'real,' produced an even larger base of supporters.