January 14, 2010

Marian's Wardrobe is Winning the Poll...Margaret & Ros tied for Second Place

Marian's costumes were lovely, weren't they. A retrospective of RH1&2...with more to follow...

Why was the night watchman out in the middle of the day?

Following peek-a-boo shoulders was one of those wardrobe items she turned to often...same as all females--why can't we repeat the magic with every item hanging in our closets?....one of those inscrutable mysteries of life.

G'day everyone! Beautiful one here...hope it is there as well:)
More of Marian's charming costumes - remember how obedient Sir Guy was when she wore that finely tailored green dress?

Is he admiring the red one as well?

That long lithesome leather....oops, wrong character..

Her wedding dress was not white although lovely...the veil--way too ornate:)

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