January 6, 2010

Award for Richard (Anyone familiar with the website?)

Took phylly3's 'nose for news' remark seriously and skulked around in the current barren desert for something/anything new about RA.  In my quest, stumbled upon the following website.  It's completely new to me - has anyone else already been there?...a few of the commenters have a familiar ring to their posts:)

The awards are a combination of US & UK tv programs.  Two of my favs '24' and 'Burn Notice' (which are about to start  new seasons) are mentioned there AND most importantly, our luscious Lucas received an award.  HOORAY!  Obviously people of fine taste populate that website.  The list of awards and a link:

>It’s now time to announce the results of the 2009 Unpopcult Awards.

And the winners are….

Best Drama – Mad Men
Beating off some stiff competition from BSG’s final season and Lost’s penultimate one, the gloomy, gorgeous and generally great period advertising drama wins it. Well done, Sterling Cooper, we salute you.

Best Comedy – 30 Rock
The TGS crew walk away with the prize despite a banner year for Chuck and a strong showing for newcomer Modern Family. Congratulations to Tina, Alec and co for keeping the unpopcult massive in stitches.

Best Ensemble – Mad Men
Chuck and How I Met Your Mother were the main challengers, but Sterling Cooper made it a double and took the trophy here too, maybe going some way to console a certain member of the cast who never seems to get the awards everyone thinks they’re going to get…

Best Performance By a Boy – Hugh Laurie, House
I guess Jon Hamm just can’t catch a break. Er, I mean, well done Hugh, who put in a fantastic performance all year, and massively outshone much of the material he was given.

Best Performance By a Girl – Hermione Norris, Spooks
All the ladies in this category put in superb performances, but first-time nominee Hermione stormed away with it. Small consolation if Ros does turn out to be dead, but I suppose we can’t have everything.

I Would Hit That (Male) – Lucas North (Richard Armitage, Spooks)

Beating hot (in both senses of the word) favourite Pierre Clement of Spiral, Lucas (aka Richard Armitage) cemented his position this year both in Section D and in unpopculters’ daydreams. National security is in very attractive hands.

I Would Hit That (Female) – Liz Lemon (Tina Fey, 30 Rock)
So guys do make passes at girls who wear glasses? Hurrah!

Most Annoying Character – President Allison Taylor, 24
In perhaps the most hard-fought category of all, last year’s winner Mohinder Suresh and young pretender Allison “Cameron” Cameron came very close to taking the crown, but with her unshakeable faith in her appalling daughter, her complete lack of judgement and her constant, stupid faffing about, UOTUS just shaded it. And she’s in season 8. Be afraid.<

New season of BURN NOTICE (Jeffrey Donovan) starts on Jan 21 - here's a promo:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCChP8zxQ0U&NR=1

Promo for new season of '24':


bZirk said...

Haven't heard of it but enjoyed reading it. :D

RiCrAr said...

Happy you enjoyed it bZirk:)

I must take the time to look more closely at the entire website. Jeffrey Donovan will soon be re-lighting our fire in the new season of Burn Notice. Do you enjoy '24' as well? Keifer Sutherland does nothing for me other than providing some exciting scenes. I understand he's one of the producers of that long-running show.


bZirk said...

I haven't seen one episode of 24.

Frankly, I haven't been a huge tv watcher the last several years until about a year or so ago.

bZirk said...

I guess that's one more thing I can credit RA fascination with doing -- making me interested in tv again. Although I have to admit that Burn Notice was the show that really got me watching again. I loved that first season. What a ride!

RiCrAr said...

I think you'll appreciate my '24' history, bZirk. I, same as you, watched a minimum of TV for many yrs. Due to the fact Keifer Sutherland's dad, Donald, had been for yrs - let me put it diplomatically - what I considered to be politically clueless, haha (I'd better not join the State Dept:) I never once watched '24' for the first 7 seasons. Last yr watched and was shocked to find the show's political outlook and mine are almost in sync. The storyline was very exciting, centered around a female Pres who was taken hostage inside the White House.Yikes!:) Jack Bauer saved her of course...he's just that kinda guy:)

As of the last ep last year, Jack is dying after being exposed to nuclear radiation while defusing a bomb planted by terrorists in the WashDC area. Will our hero be saved on Jan 17, 1st new Ep? Let's hope so or the producers might need to ask Lucas North if he wants to moonlight across the pond when he's not needed on the Spooks set:) Tempting myself to almost wish that Jack...nah! can't do that to courageous western civilization defender, Jack Bauer.

Wouldn't a joint '24'/Spooks special be awesome? With Jack & Lucas at the helm this world would be 'sorted out'--American translation: 'in applie pie order' in no time.


RiCrAr said...

New promos for Burn Notice and '24' can be found in the post above.

Ragtag said...

I'm not much of a tv watcher, but used to live on a steady diet of sitcoms and law and order as i veged out recovering from work everyday.

Nothing to do with the tv, i think i just moved from tv to pc.

RiCrAr said...

Why veg in one place when you can ramble all over the world, right?

My viewing this year will be to finish Spooks7 eps, then '24' & Burn Notice. There's a new one on Fri night's called 'White Collar' - the male star is another hottie. Might add that one to my list. Will post his pic under the season promos above. Starting to see a definite pattern here - eye candy is no cal:)