January 12, 2010

REVIEWS for Spooks 8 - Do You Agree?

REVIEWS for Spooks 8:

The Daily Telegraph review of the opening epi of Series 8. Gerard O'Donovan said, "For all its square-jawed silliness and bonkers conspiracies, Spooks still delivers high-class escapism at its slickest, most glamorous and entertaining."

**“Square-jawed silliness & bonkers conspiracies?” Huh? Was it my imagination that another terrorist was foiled trying to kill innocent people on Christmas Day? Evidently, some reporters have the sillies when it comes to the clear & present threat.

Kathryn Flett, The Observer - "the first episode in a Spooks series is invariably a corker but this one was especially good: heaving with the usual ├╝ber-baddies, moral ambiguities and mini mid-episode cliff-hangers."

In The Scotsman Andrea Mullaney reported "Spooks' formula is a contrived plot, a convoluted first half, yet somehow by the end you're carried away by the tension. It's partly due to the generally good performances."

Marion McMullen, Coventry Telegraph wrote "BBC 1's adrenaline-rushing, heart-pumping spy drama is certainly edge of your seat television. Best friends can turn into enemies and a wrong word can end with a bullet in the brain. It's bloody and brutal and quality drama from start to finish. Forget the slick smoothness of James Bond, this is the grimy end of the spy business."

Good excuse for a few looks at lovely Lucas:)  1st, turning his back when he realized Ros was about to shoot Sarah in the leg..

Next, within moments of realizing Sarah was dead... 

We need at least one pic from Spooks 7 just because.....

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