January 16, 2010

Persecution by Legends in Their Own Minds - Will You Tolerate It?

*See below update on speculation of a  possible source for RA's upcoming play.

If the ramblings of certain self-pretentious people can be believed, apparently the self-styled 'geniuses' have made some RA fans uncomfortable in recent days.  We expected that sort of behavior from the totalitarian state known as the USSR, but from modern adult women? really? 

Will all the other members of the community stand by and allow these 'legends in their own minds' to intimidate,  even more so than usual, the timid sheep effected by their tyrranical tactics?  For shame on them and anyone who supports their ridiculous, wasteful, silly current raison d'etre.  Get a life, try to act like mature females, and leave sensible RA fans in peace is the message they richly deserve to hear from as many sources as possible.

Entire incident certainly makes it clear why RA would probably prefer to cut ties to certain segments of those who claim to be his supporters.  The wise saying 'with friends like these, who needs enemies' comes to mind.

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