January 1, 2010

Guy's RH3 Costumes:Thursday Picture Poll Choices & YIKES! Close Call with Snakes

The following are Guy's costumes in RH3.  Which one is your fav?
1. The Black Shirt

2. Thickly Padded Shoulders

OR      3.  His Moon-lit  Half Costume

Following from Sky Magazine - the tv channel that produced Strike Back.


Ragtag said...

LOL! I'd rather talk about snakes than the circus any day.

Does this herald the beginning of Strike back promotions? Maybe it's true that they're brining it forward from April.

RiCrAr said...

Someone told me 4mos in advance is not unreasonble when you consider Sky's hefty investment in SB. Gives me plenty of time to finally upload tons of Spooks8 pics to PB.

Journalists will now have 3 topics for their monotonous questions - sleeping next to elephant poop(Richard's fav comment on the circus:), snakes, his fans. Will we be shoved to the bottom of the list...if so, will the other two elicit another 'oh Chr_st!' anytime soon?:)


bZirk said...

Oh, you are so right about the snake question. Man, are entertainment journalists really that dull?

RiCrAr said...

We should make our lists of questions for him and submit them to the journalists:) Maybe...

Richard, is acting still as enjoyable for you as you envisioned it to be in your teens?

Which job behind the camera looks the most fulfilling to you?

...Do you work out on a daily basis without fail or only when your professional schedule permits?

...Are you at all interested in writing either a novel, your biography or both?

...Would you want a son to carry your name? (surprisingly many men do not)

...Why don't you suggest a question to me that you'd very much like to answer for the public?


Ragtag said...

I remember in an interview with some singer they described being famous like this:

Think of 5 interesting questions you'd like to be asked. Give them to your family and friends and have them ask you those 5 questions over and over and over and over.

I suppose you gotta take the good with the bad if you work in the public eye.