January 2, 2010

STRIKE BACK Excerpt from novel's Kiss Scene...More Pics & Youtube Promo Video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMGifOry5Xs   ***See excerpt below for a taste/sample of the Danni/Porter interaction as seen in the yummy pics below.

I know, I know...the last few look like the same pic to the untrained eye -  but there are slight differences.  Trust me:)  I've conducted a study.

Following excerpt will not spoil any of the plot of SB for anyone - it merely sets the scene for what was a shallow encounter in the novel between Danni & John Porter(RA's role) ...have no idea if their relationship will be more than that in the screenplay.

---There was a knock on the door. Porter glanced up.  Danni was coming into the room, with her bag of medical kit under her arm.  He had already dimmed the lights in his small bedroom, so the room was mainly lit by the glow of the TV screen.  He killed the sound, and looked back up towards her, noticing the way the fuzzy light from the tube caught the blonde streaks dyed into her hair, creating a golden glow around her shapely face. 'My medicine,' he said with a smile.  She nodded, kneeling down beside him. 'Roll up your sleeves,' she said.

.....'All done,' she said, within a fraction of a second.
There's another kind of medicine I need,' said Porter. 'The kind you find in a bottle.'
.....She reached in her bag, pulling out a half-bottle of white wine. 'This do?'
...'Care to join me?'  Danni shrugged, 'OK,' she said.

She took a sip of the wine, and sat down just a few feet from him on the end of his bed.  As she crossed her legs, Porter noticed the seam of her black tights, running up the side of her shapely legs, and disappearing into the tempting folds of her crisp white skirt.  Suddenly, he was aware she was noticing the way he was casting his eyes up her legs, and snapped them away.  Stop kidding yourself, he reminded himself.  She can't be more than twenty-four or -five.  Young enough to be your daughter.  And let's fact it, mate, even the women your own age aren't interested in you.  Don't even think about the young ones.

......(leaving out any details that could be spoilers - He discusses something personal with her and she's a sympathetic listener)  THEN....

Danni edged forward on the bed, so that there was only a couple of feet separating them.  'And you think going back there will fix it for you?' she said.

She was looking straight at him, her bright blue eyes alive with curiosity, with a hunger for knowledge that Porter found puzzling.  'I sure as hell hope so,' said Porter with a shrug.

She edged another few inches closer.  With her left hand, she was brushing a lock of hair away from her face, and her right hand was resting on the top of the bed.  Slowly, she uncrossed and then crossed her legs again, and Porter was struggling to keep his eyes away from her.  She was so close to him that Porter couldn't escape the heady smell of the perfume splashed across her body.

'I hope so too,' she said softly, leaving her lips slightly parted, and her eyes half closed as she completed the sentence, 'because it's a bloody brave thing to do.'

Porter's hand edged forwards on the bed, so that it was just inches from hers.  Christ(mas:), she's coming on to me, he told himself.  Unless the signs have changed completely in the years since I last tried it on with a girl, I could be in with a chance here.  He could feel his heart thumping.  He wanted her, of course.  She was blonde, and buxom, and dressed in a white, crisply starched nurse's uniform:  what man wouldn't want her in his bed.  But when you live out on the streets, he reminded himself, you stop even thinking about women.  They aren't on your radar screen.  Christ(mas), I'm buggered if I even know what to do any more.

'Not that brave,' said Porter, his tone turning weaker.  'I think you're plenty brave,' she said.  'And strong...'  Her hand was almost touching his now.  Porter let his right hand stretch out, his fingers creeping across the bedding, until slowly they reached hers.  He could feel the warmth of her skin against his, and as he looked up at her face, her eyes were still half closed and her lips still parted a fraction.  He moved closer towards her, gripping her hand in his, and suddenly her eyes opened wide, and she looked straight at him and smiled.  'Kiss me,' she said slowly.

Porter leant into the kiss, and in the next instant could feel her tongue lashing into his.  The embrace was passionate and urgent, as if they were both painfully aware of how little time there was.  He could taste the wine on her lips as he flicked his tongue against hers, and her breath was warm against his skin.  He could feel her breasts thrusting into his chest, and even through her lace bra, he could feel her nipples stiffening.  Porter ran his hand down towards her legs, making impact just above the knee. 
.....(descriptions of more intense wrestling & kissing for which the French get all the credit ...why??...surely they were not the first to discover it:) intermission over

.......Jolly:) thought Porter, as he lay back on the bed and watched her disappearing act(keeping it PG13)....girls have learnt a new trick or two since the last time I did this.

The sex was hot and frantic, over in a matter of minutes, but no less satisying for that.  Porter had worried briefly about someone coming in, but the door was bolted.  When they finished, they lay wrapped in each other's arms, and for a second Porter found himself wondering about the security cameras he felt certain they had installed in the room.  Sod it, he thought with a wry smile.  They can watch if they want to.  I might even buy a copy of the tape from them.....(end of the hottest scene in the book.)


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Same to you katarina:)...hope 2010 treats you and yours well.

The woman in the kissing pics is volunteering to give a national hero the 'warm' sendoff he deserves. We would've volunteered as well if someone had only asked.:) Am I correct? Isn't it a trivial detail that this hero belongs to another nation? In this particular instance, we're definitely citizens of the world - getting in line for this assignment prior to his next mission, pretty please:)


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LOL...katarina, have you read the above excerpt from Strike Back? There's a great deal of (as Harry Kennedy said) 'with tongues.'

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