January 8, 2010

LATEST BUZZ: RA's Agent Comes to USA

RA's current agent is relocating to the USA.  Is this actually great news for his American fans?  Won't the agent naturally think of Richard when an appropriate role is available here?  The article announcing the agent's new position....



Jonia said...

HAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!! That was GREAT!!!!!!! I LOVE HER STYLE!!!!!!!!!

Ricrar said...

So, it is Annabel then? She's feisty in that role but, to be perfectly honest, doesn't really look to me like the type of woman RA would choose. Afterall, she's not Marian or Margaret:) LOL

AND if it is her, the flowery description on this blog - copied from an entertainment website - reveals the inaccuracy of that sort of promotion. Didn't find her voice or carriage anything special. I did however enjoy her 'don't tread on me' attitude towards the overbearing man.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Yes, that's Annabel! Just because she's feisty on screen doesn't mean she is in real life. I mean, RA's no Gisborne... we hope. Who knows!?

Great find on RA's agent, ricrar! That is very interesting and you're right... this may be the door to RA getting gigs in the US!

Ricrar said...

Nat, what's the reference to some sort of acting class gossip at your site? Is it merely recycling of old news?

RA need only raise his head slightly above ground and we pounce and gnaw away at the story forevvvvvver:) But it great fun, and actually helps him gain greater stature in his profession. Fans are the life's blood of the entertainment industry - without us he'd need to give dancing lessons or install more tile kitchen floors for his living. If our neighborhood handyman looked like RA we'd currently be looking at our 20th update:)

As for Annabel, until I saw that youtube clip, I'd had little difficulty imagining them as a couple. After watching her in action, it's almost impossible - I now understand why there's so much speculation about their relationship.

It could easily be a case of his close friend acting as the public stand-in for a more circumspect, quieter woman, with a personality similar to Richard's mother. According to his own words, his mum dislikes the spotlight...men often gravitate towards partners who remind them of their mothers and vice versa.

Twinkling Moon said...

Wow! you ladies should have your own detective agency, I'm so impressed with the digging and fact finding efforts here. So now I totally believe AC is the gf, (you even have where they probably met narrowed down, wow!), and he brought her to that other event too, so I think she at least once was the gf and now they are at least friends if not more.

Totally agree with ya ricrar, we fans (nutty or not) are the life's blood of any actor so they just gotta deal with us :)

As for the RA may be with a woman who is quiet like his momma, well....it's all little too Freudian for me :)

Starheart said...

Twinkling Moon something about that reminds me of North and South.

I feel two ways about him getting stuff in the US. He has said he has this 'thing' about accepting EVERY offer, but what if the roles he gets there initially are crap?????? I really don't want to see him dragged down in Saw XIII or Alien vs Predator IV. He deserves good leading male roles! Waahhhhh!

Ricrar said...

Yes, ragtag, didn't Elizabeth Gaskell makes references to Margaret's personality being similar to strong-willed Hannah's, which triggered the first glimmerings of JT's yearning love?

Hasn't Richard displayed discriminating taste in his role choices? BTS might be debatable, but we're forever grateful for his momentary lapse in good taste or desperation for work, right?:) He had his criteria...we have ours.

Besides RA is an expert at taking a stinker of a role(the original GoG) and transforming it into heavenly bliss(GoG again:)

Ricrar said...

twinkling moon, my fascination with the 'men choose a woman who reminds them of mom' theory is personal.

Observations convinced me it was true prior to meeting my DH. His mother was a very strong-minded woman who at first put me off. It took a few yrs before I finally started to appreciate the fact many of his lovable qualities were fostered by her TLC. Thereafter it didn't bother me to think we might share personality traits.

It's a long tradition that men should not be mommy's boys - that's true but if she encouraged him at the right moment to cut the apron strings and learn to fly, IMHO most of those men (who dearly love & respect their mum) will also make good spouses & fathers:)

Anonymous said...

AC plays Helen in the Arkangel Complete Shakespeare CD of Troillus and Cressida. Her voice is pretty much completely different in that performance. The Sensitive Skin clip is of a performance that seems 180 degrees away from the recording. Best to keep in mind that she is acting in both instances, and these performances reveal nothing much about her personally.

Twinkling Moon said...

@ragtag, yep, I'm with you, wouldn't want to see RA take some crap role just cuz it's in America. Hopefully he'll be smarter than that :)

@Ricrar, just to clarifiy, when I said "it's too freudian" for me I meant that I haven't really studied psych in a formal way, just know pop-psychology. But I'm a big Oprah watcher and she always says that people are attracted to what they know (which, on a serious note can be dangerous as unfortunately girls who grew up in households of abuse often wind up with an abusive partner)

But leaving aside any potentially abusive situation, I do see what you mean about the JT/MH relationship and Hannah's influence on JT. I definitely see that there is truth in your assertion that men may be attracted to qualities obeserved in their mothers. And I'm with ya, I hope that strong women raise their little boys to treat women with respect and dignity that they deserve, but are not threatened when they are no longer "first in their son's affections" to borrow a concept form Hannah, lol!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I have no clue what that "acting class gossip" is about. I watched the YT video link someone left and I think the commenter thought a young man in the audience was a young Richard. (I don't think it him.)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Oops... I don't think it WAS him. :)

Ricrar said...

Nat, yes that's what the acting class video was all about. Someone saw one ear and back of the head shot on the vid that they were insinuating was RA. oh boy!...Someone needs another hobby:) It could've been anyone's ear.

Ricrar said...

twinkling moon, I understand why you're concerned RA might end up in a crappy role BUT have faith he'd prefer to enter another line of work rather than lower his standards to that extent. Afterall, he's the one who said "if it stops being fun, it's not worth it."

Besides, it's not as though the US has not produced some very entertaining movie of late. Look at Tom Hanks 'Angels and Demons'...very exciting both in plot and fantastic cinematography.

Also the action packed Iraq-based film w/Russell Crowe & Leonardo DiCaprio - another great film. IMO, RA would've given another superb performance as a player in either one of those films.

Ricrar said...

anonymous, thanks so much for the AC information:) I'll check her in the Arkangel Complete Shakespeare role. Do you know if it's available on youtube?


Stephanie said...

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