January 30, 2010

Armitage - Jackman Bicep Challenge

Time to get out the tape measure...

Recent photo of Hugh Jackman on his way to the gym.

Recent photo of RA as John Porter in Strike Back...

Switching gears to a different topic -- not nearly as profound as the bicep challenge:) but interesting nonetheless.

Find link below that's referenced in the following comment to Franciska about a couple courageous Dutch citizens I've been observing with admiration over the past few yrs...

[Franciska…it took awhile to find the facts on Ms Ali.  She’s the first of two valiant people associated with your country who’ve caught my attention over the past few yrs. They are the extremely courageous female, Avaan Hirsi Ali, the other Geert Wilders. Despite the fact their lives are in grave danger simply because they exercise the God-given right of free speech, these two individuals continue to act as beacons for that cause.]


also DUTCH PARLIAMENT - opposition leader Geert Wilders (not aware if he's still a member of that institution)
UPDATE:  According to his wikipedia page, evidently he's still in office...

Will Lucas North wander around today's Nottingham Castle in Spooks 9?...


Just happened upon a li'l serendipity - the following author writes novels about the old order Amish - their farms are located within 50mi of my home.  Her website is a delight with excerpts from her books and a few Amish recipes.  Shoofly pie is the most famous - absolutely delish!...with a wet bottom, of course - I'm not being gross:)  The pies can be made dry or with a gooey layer between the spicy cake-like portion and the pie crust.  The wet bottom makes all the difference between yummy and super-yummy, IMO:)
RECIPE:  Just checked the shoofly pie recipe at her website and it appears to be missing the crucial spices - the authentic recipe follows...

I've always been fascinated with the simple lifestyle of the Amish people - truly amazing to pass one of their horse-drawn carriages in a sedan traveling 55mph or more.  The children, with their freshly scrubbed freckled faces and straw hats, smile from the rear of the carriage at the motorists. To this day, they refer to non-Amish Americans as the Englishchers because when they first arrived in Lancaster County, PA(few miles from the first capital of the US - Philadelphia) in the 1600s,  the majority of other settlers were indeed either immigrants from England or their children.  Amish farmers at that time provided Philly with fresh meats, produce, baked goods, etc

Here's the charming website...

The movie that most authentically portrays the Amish lifestyle is ‘Witness’ starring Harrison Ford. He plays a Philadelphia policeman protecting a young Amish boy who witnessed a murder. Ford travels with the boy & his mother to their home in Lancaster Co.
There continue to be barn-raisings -- in fact, if not farmers, most Amish men are carpenters - often with thriving hand-made furniture or home construction businesses.
This is the barn-raising scene from witness dubbed in German…


Anonymous said...

What a surprise...First I have to admit that in the beginning I was also convinced about their heartfelt intentions about human rights like freedom of speech. Unfortunately I recently found out -after profound investigation- that they (especially zion Wilders) are just manipulating puppets following a worldwide secret (nwo)agenda. They deliberate sow discord and hatred among the Dutch people and the media plays along with the game. So please don't get fooled by the so-called (fake) resistance they come across. It's all part of the game. They know exactly what they do. Many people are now awakening and see the truth about the climate hoax, illusion of democratie we live in, hidden agendas, disputable vaccinations , 9/11, your 7/7/ etc. (so your David Icke was right) I don't know if you've ever heard of Pim Fortuyn? May I guess that he was also badly pictured in your country-probably as a racist? He was in heart and soul a TRUE fighter for freedom, though. The ammount of followers was so increasing, that they "had to" murder him. So they probably think that by "slander" they can manipulate the opinion of the people. This way they want to give their nwo Wilders a leg up. But as I've said before Wilders is not so popular anymore. So please keep him in England, dear :) just kidding.

Oh, I don't want to talk about politics...Let's focus on lovely RA again, shall we? :)


RiCrAr said...

Your reply is a startling & interesting surprise, Franciska. We are agreed totally on "Many people are now awakening and see the truth about the climate hoax." In fact, many are catching up to that truth which was realized long ago in many regions of the USA.

But as far as the courage of Ms Ali, I've seen & heard her speak, and found her sincerity to be very impressive. In truth, many people throughout the world need to shake themselves out of their 'politically correct' indifference towards the ruthless goals of radical terrorists located today in many corners of the globe. Women in particular need to support those of their gender living under tyranny and complete denial of their human rights.

We'll have to agree to disagree on Ms Ali & her intentions and instead happily focus on a person we both appreciate - RA:)

I've often pondered what his opinions might be on current world events and found the conviction with which he delivered the line "he got what he deserved" (when referring to a dead jihadist, Spooks 7) as even more in the moment than usual - which I attributed to agreement on that score.

Now back to more enjoyable thoughts such as Lucas in 'north'ern locations for Spooks 9. Wonder if they'll shoot in Nottingham - would love to see RA wondering around that castle for a change as a modern-day knight:)

RiCrAr said...

Correction: insert 'wandering' for 'wondering' around that castle - my kingdom for a 'modify' feature:)

Anonymous said...

I really like your thoughts on woman rights..
Strange...after reading your last remark I couldn't stop day dreaming about a modern-day knight rescuing me from the bad guys (okay both of us then ;)

A lot of sweet dreams