January 31, 2010

Lesser Known Characters Poll

                                              1. Philip Turner

2. Philip Durrant
                                              3. Bill Chatford

4.  Percy Courteney


Katarina said...

Ricrar and other RA fans,

On the Charliefilm messageboard we are challanging all RA fans to meke Valentine Day special for our friend RA.
Please join in this good cause.


RiCrAr said...

Sincere thanks for the message, Katarina:)

Sue said...


I must admit that I have had a few thoughts about peaches in a certain boiler suit scene making a perfect base for a valentine card with a carefully placed heart that said "Happy Valentines Day from the bottom of my heart!". Cheeky or what!

Although I don't seem to be ablel to find those pics on this website any more! Where are they?