January 29, 2010

Richard Armitage Pics & Countdown to Valentine's Day

It seems especially fitting during the countdown to Valentine's Day to start the journey with a poem, a very special moment and a special man.

The lovely poem written by an average woman...no one famous..
addicted to a kiss
that never blessed my lips
addicted to a touch
that never caressed my skin
addicted to a look
that never met my eyes

addicted to his voice
his laugh …
his soul…
addicted to him.

Did that....
moment begin for you with this scene...
or was it further into the saga...
I know for me, and many others, the following moment was the one that ignited a warm glow that ultimately found us completely mesmerized by the actor who brought John Thornton's "150yrs of living on a page" (Richard's words) finally to vivid life.

Can't we almost hear that heart-wrenching catch in his throat and deep sigh...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you...lovely poem and pics..as you probably know by now... I've a awkward weakness for poems and quotes :)lol. I also agree with your choice (the scene with his mother) It was very adorable and sentimental.