January 20, 2010

SPOOKS Headline: Get Those Orders in for Spooks 8 dvds

UPDATE:  Digital Spy reported the BBC has denied they'll be cancelling Spooks...

January 20 2010, 4:50am EST
By Dan French, TV Editor

The BBC has denied that Spooks and Waking The Dead are facing the axe.

Earlier today, reports surfaced which suggested that both shows were likely to return for only one more series before being dropped.

However, a BBC spokesperson told Digital Spy that the reports are completely false.

"They are not facing the chop or being cancelled. We have no plans to axe either show as they remain hugely popular with our audiences."

The spokesperson also confirmed that Spooks will return for a new series this Autumn, and Waking The Dead will be back in 2011.


If you want to save Lucas North after Series 9, get your order in for the Spooks 8 dvds.  Possibly if the BBC makes enough profit on the last series they might reverse the decision to make 9 the last:(  ASSUMING today's  article is correct?? (See below)

Spooks and Waking The Dead face wrath of BBC budget cuts
By Paul Revoir and Liz Thomas
Last updated at 9:58 AM on 20th January 2010

It is the drama that kills off at least one of its main characters every series. Now it seems Spooks might be facing the axe itself.
The BBC is said to have earmarked the show to go as part of a major revamp of its drama output. Waking The Dead, another of the BBC’s most popular dramas, is also expected to end.
Ben Stephenson, who runs BBC drama, has admitted the strategy is a ‘huge risk...a bloody terrifying decision’.

Although he has refused to name any shows being dropped, sources say Spooks, which stars Hermione Norris as MI5 spy Ros Myers, is likely to be the first of the big-name dramas to go.
Insiders say the ninth series, which airs this autumn, will be the last. The first series of Spooks averaged an audience of 7.5million in 2002 but over the past few years has dropped to around six million. The last series, which was shown in November and December 2009, pulled in just 4.7 million viewers.
Here's the last paragraph of the article which is confusing to say the least...
A BBC spokesman said: ‘It is not true these shows have been cancelled. Spooks will return for a new series in the autumn and Waking The Dead will be back on screens in 2011.'
hmmmm...why then did the Daily Mail print the story if the BBC refutes their assertions??  Is the latter possibly concerned the news would shrink the audience for the next series, or is the newspaper report incorrect?
Entire article:


Anonymous said...

Thank You Ricrar.

RiCrAr said...

My pleasure Ms anonymous:)

Sue said...

I think the BBC are purposely releasing differing reports about Spooks being axed (and other shows)in order to see what the reaction is to these statements and to get a little free publicity into the bargain. What worries me is that there has been no official press release just unsubstantiated reports. How can they say that series 9 will definitely be the last show, surely they will have to wait and see what the viewing figures are before they decide that? The BBC have been deliberately moving the start time around to coincide with the competition on other TV channels, and then they wonder why viewing figures are down! As for waking the dead, that show went off the boil a long time ago, just one long rant by Trevor Eve in every episode. Give me Richard's ample peaches any day as Lucas North!

RiCrAr said...

Hi sue, your detailed report on the BBC's attitude towards Spooks is really interesting. I know exactly what you mean about moving the time slot for a popular show around with scant notice, and then wondering why the size of the show's audience seemed to shrink somewhat - same foolish maneuver occurs on a regular basis w/US tv shows. grrrrrr:)

Wish the powers that be would observe the axiom 'if it's not broken, don't attempt to fix it.'

Couldn't agree more about the quality of Richard's...uhh..physical attributes:) The boiler room shots in Spooks 8 come to mind. Everyone can sometimes use a glimpse of visual inspiration to get through the day...
p.s. The only time more of nature's artistic bounty was on display (in an RA project) was in 'The Impressionists.' :)