January 17, 2010

Richard Armitage: Lucas North's Fav Shirt...Please Help Identify the Color

BBCA interview in 2008 w/Richard Armitage.  Viewers submitted questions and he took time to thoroughly answer each one.  Listen to the deep hardy laugh accompanying the dulcet vocal tones. *melt*

Link to episode 1, season 8 of '24'....very exciting. They've a new player to download:   http://www.fox.com/fod/play.php?sh=twentyfour

Has anyone else noticed how often Lucas North wore what appeared to be one particular shirt in Spooks 7 & 8?  Possibly it was 2 different shirts of similar color.  The latest poll will help identify the color...does it appear slightly different under alternate lighting conditions?  Besides, there's never really a poor excuse to drool over more RA pics, is there? :)  What's  your opinion(see poll) is his shirt color a murky blue-gray or possibly a dusty eggplant shade?


Eliza said...

Is this the same shirt of last appearence with Ann abel Capper on last Jan 5th? He must love this shirt...I wish I was this shirt!!

RiCrAr said...

Hi eliza, don't we all wish we were that lucky shirt wrapped snuggly around those broad shoulders?:) He does appear to be wearing the same one in the recent Cirque du Soleil pics, doesn't he? Could RA possibly have a half doz of the same color?

Hello to you as well elvira. What's your opinion of the exact color of Lucas' shirt? Is it the same one under different lighting conditions or at least 2 different shirts?

Anonymous said...

He once said that he prefers to wear black (in an old interview). At least he has found an alternative. But I can see why he likes to wear dark colors.

They suit him well. This looks like a charcoal grey of some sort?

RiCrAr said...

Thank you anon:) Are you referring to the BBCA interview when Richard was asked by a viewer why he often wears black? If I remember correctly, didn't he say he tries to wear other colors but black seems to suit him best?...then he looked down at the clothes he was wearing and indeed they were black, which apparently tickled his funny bone:) and a deep masculine laugh was his reaction?

That's my fav RA interview...he was soooo totally sincere and thorough with his answers to all the viewers questions.

I'll post a link above for anyone who might've missed it.

Anonymous said...

I think that the shirts are different tones of the color indigo. One could be pigment indigo and the other (dark)slate blue. Indigo colors are very spiritual and powerful. So the colors and RA are definitely well-matched, don't you think?;) Btw looking at the different kind of buttons it's obvious that he has various shirts. Franciska