March 18, 2010

Richard Armitage Strike Back Photos - Double YUM!

John Porter - you are loooking gooood!...

Snug white t-shirt - delish!


Guy Lover said...

Yummy! Especially the one that reminds me of Guy!

RiCrAr said...

Hi there guy lover :) Yes, you're right. I'll dig out the pic of Guy after he was 'saved' by Marian. Apparently the SB director/adviser didn't care if John Porter had Guyliner(ha ha), which is to be expected for military authenticity BUT he didn't even direct RA's eyebrows should match his black hair. These are the pesky complications when an actor's fan base insists he needs to turn somersaults w/his physical appearance. One of his fans should start a campaign called 'Save RA au Natural'(definitely not a reference to being in the buff;) It's time to set him free to be himself in every way--we'd find him just as sizzling w/dark brown hair. Besides, if his natural color was really coal black, it would (almost 40yrs old) be salt & pepper w/emphasis on the salt.
Didn't expect this tome of a reply, did you;)