March 6, 2010

M'Lord & Lady's Boudoir Poll - See Photos Below

Poll results are in, and the winning home is...
BUT by a very narrow margin - traditional style 'back to the future' lost by only 1 vote.  Keeping that in mind, isn't it time you and 'you know who' furnished your boudoir?  Of course, it's not an inconsequential room so take your time..savor..

1. Modern Canopy
2. Oceanview (best of all world's..on a wooded beach)
3. Suite (difficult to catch:)
4. Close but Cozy (easy to catch)
**Note to selves: need to order an extra long bed**
Poll results: Which house will it be? (Closed)
1. Woody Retreat 14 (40%)
2. Pool Workouts 8 (22%)
3. Back to the Future 13 (37%)

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