March 8, 2010

Richard Armitage: Here's the Face of the Latest Lovelace's Clarissa

It's usually satisfying to place the face with the voice.  The following is the actress whose voice will match wits w/RA's interpretation of the scurrilous cad Robert Lovelace.  Perhaps,  'giving new voice to the distant past'(1747) could be fairly used to describe Zoe Waites & Richard Armitage 's upcoming renderings of Samuel Richardson's classic characters.

My niece was/is an enthusiastic Harry Potter fan beginning w/the very first book in the series.  She re-read each newly published book at least 5times during her grade school yrs.  Every new English Lit teacher would explain to her mother that it broke their hearts to  remind her daughter it wasn't appropriate to read about the charming wizard while class was in session:)

My reason for taking that stroll down memory lane (she's now 19yrs old) was due to another flashback, during the same time period, when DH & I took our fav niece to see the very first Harry Potter movie;  and I'd felt compelled to tell her she need not replace her imaginary Harry w/the actor she was about to watch on-screen.  Of course, who knew at the time that Daniel Radcliffe would become the excellent embodiment of young Mr Potter.

For anyone who enjoys matching the face w/the voice, the following is RA's Clarissa...her voice in the role on this vid does have an innocent almost fragile quality to it... 


Anonymous said...

Actually that is Rosamund Pike not Zoe Waites (who is playing Clarissa).

Anonymous said...

The aspect ratio in that image makes me twitch