March 30, 2010

Richard Armitage: John Thornton Pics & Poll

Ah, darling John Thornton and his touchingly conscientious way of conducting business and pursuing personal interests.  Have you found while watching N&S that your heart skips a quicker beat when JT's top hat, cravat and suit coat make an appearance, or perhaps you feel the temp rising whenever those pieces of apparel suddenly disappear? (see poll)

                                                             1.  With?

2.  Without?


Enrich2 said...

The contrast between buttoned up and proper with ubuttoned and vulnerable is what sets the pulses racing, I reckon!

RiCrAr said...

Unbuttoned and vulnerable John Thornton definitely sets the pulse in overdrive, Enrich2 ;)

My next post will relate a recent personal experience of mine w/my significant other. Highlights the basic differences between the sexes. Dying to hear your reaction to it.