March 20, 2010

Richard Armitage Co-Star Poll Results

Apparently with only a few hrs to go Clive Owen is the choice to be a future RA co-star.
Clive gave an excellent performance in 'The International.'  Anyone else notice a strong resemblance between Clive & Gerard Butler?  Possibly both actors have Welsh or Scottish roots?  That would explain it.  I know Owen is a Welsh surname....believe Butler is Irish but any genealogist researching the British Isles quickly learns there was heavy migration between those nations starting many centuries ago.
I wouldn't kick either one of them out of,,,err,,,that is, show either one the door, however they are missing a certain charismatic quality RA oozes both on & off screen.

Unfortunately he missed the co-star poll, but sue says British actor Gary Lucy could be a junior RA...let's take a look...
hmmmm, verrry nice.  Yes, sue, I can see somewhat of a resemblance between Gary and Richard, especially in other pics at his website.  Crucial question is however can this new entry act?  According to his site he's an ice skater - however was disappointed to find 'other countries' cannot access the evidence of him 'dancing on ice.'   Thx for the heads up sue:)

UPDATE:  hahaha...obviously she noticed my male preferences.  Thank You sweet Sue!:)  
 Mr Lucy definitely shares RA's body type.....oh yeah...

 More calorie free mid-week eye candy...Facial similarity w/RA is striking in these pics.


Sue said...

He's just been voted off "Dancing on Ice" which is celebrities learning to Ice Skate/Dance on Ice by Torvill and Deane, well known British Ice Skaters. He's not a bad actor, not got the range that Richard has, but nice to look at.Very athletic body too!

Here's a link to a few chesticle pictures:

RiCrAr said...

Thx Sue. Apparently you're not having the same difficulty making a comment as enrich2, OR if this one was made within the hour, perhaps my setting adjustment corrected the problem...fingers crossed.

Anyway, back to more delectable topics - Gary & Richard.*wibble* After your 1st comment re Gary I found 2 of his ice dances at youtube. Very smooth & drool worthy;) His athletic build is almost a double for RA - must be in the genes...they both look delicious in jeans as well.

You mentioned Gary's life is not quite as squeaky clean as RA. That leads me to wonder if he's performed somewhere other than on the ice;) and with someone other than his wife?

Now to take a peek at those photos...hunky pics are always welcome. Maybe a fresh supply will be provided by John Porter. Surely he found the African heat unbearable enough to gift us w/a shirtless scene. Please G_d:)