March 13, 2010

Richard Armitage New Fan Video & Some of Her Inspiration

Ahhhh...Well Done!!


Katarina said...

Love the photos...
On the poll re names for a baby was easy Richard I've always loved that name and one of my paternal grandfathers names. So I always thought I would name my son Richard, or Alexander.
Now it will never happend, but it's still a fave name.

RiCrAr said...

Hi katarina:)
I chose father & a brother's name. Found w/the Zodiac research that Richard is the same sign as my son & sister - Virgo. I can see some similarities in their personalities - they're both sticklers for getting accurate details--RA in his character creation, and our son in his scrupulous research while writing the facts of history in textbooks( a crucial one to get correct:)

Shortly I'll post the description for Virgos - amazingly it includes 'often taller than average' which is true for both of them as well....eerily accurate:)