March 24, 2010

Richard Armitage Eye Candy Pix aka Magical Mid-week Pick-me-ups

What mid-week pick-me-up inspiration is more effective than a drool session...can't think of any;)





Enrich2 said...

I have tried commenting before but the blog wouldn't accept/store the comment. You've posted some lovely eye-candy pictures. Much appreciated! I enjoy your polls as you think up unusual questions.

RiCrAr said...

Thank you, enrich2, for the kind words & helpful information re your comment difficulties. Will look into it - I've recently 'updated' to a new browser possibly that's the reason for the complication. I'll identify and get it corrected ASAP:)

I'm so happy you enjoy the poll questions - to me it's as though all the participants are having a conversation; and we've all grown to know each others' likes & dislikes quite well over the past few mos, haven't we? Any poll suggestions are very welcome. Just leave a comment;)

RiCrAr said...

OK, Enrich2 - I've changed a comment setting that hopefully will eliminate any difficulty. Let me know if you can detect any difference. If you've not commented in a couple days, I'll assume something still needs to be done;)

RiCrAr said...

Enrich2, I believe a pop-up blocker setting was causing your comment difficulty. It's reset. Hope that solves your problem. Let me know - IF you can:)

Katarina said...

Richard kissing, Richard half naked, richard in any shape.
Me, excited, happy, drooling and just a happy woman
Thank you, thank you, thank you How will I ever be able to sleep my friend? Well I might, but the dreams my be R or maybe even X rated.

RiCrAr said...

X for eXtra special dreams, right katrina. I'm happy to see you so happy with pics of the fine male specimen that is Richard.

I take it you didn't have any problem commenting at this blog like Enrich2. I've changed a couple settings - here's hoping that soothes the gods of blogger software;)

There's another RA photo that highlights his masculine beauty even more so than those in this post - will soon post it to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of John Porter in ep 1 of Strike Back. Hooray!

Katarina said...

How can I not be happy with these steamy pictures.
Since I have my blog on blogger, I do not have any probs to comment here.

Katarina said...

I forgot to ask if those dresses in the latest blog input are made in size Tent, so it will cover up the body of a big girl like me, If I wore those dresses in the pictures I would look like a steak that's been tied up in strings LOL

RiCrAr said... make me laugh Katarina.

Since our dreams about RA are fantasies, why not make all the other details 'fit' that mental image?;)

Aren't the black dresses lovely? I chose the teal dress because it coordinates w/this blog's color scheme, although the simple yet sophisticated lines would compliment all types of female figures, along w/a medium black shade of sheer pantyhose (for not so skinny legs) & black pumps.

For a few years, studying women's fashion design was a necessity. It's really amazing how complimentary the right fabric drape and simple construction can be for almost any woman.

Have you bought your tickets for the BAFTA London screening of the first 2 eps of Strike Back? It's probably more doable for you than me. If you go, please give us a thorough review - wonder if Richard will attend? If so, no doubt there'll be an overflow mob outside the theatre:)

Guy Lover said...

Lovely eye candy!

RiCrAr said...

Hi Guy Lover - Am I spoiling you with Guy pics or what? See the latest poll. I'd better start giving JT & Lucas some attention or they'll get jealous. HA!...I wish;)