March 16, 2010

Guy of Gisborne Pencil Drawing courtesy of Gunslinger Borne

Gunslinger Borne hopes you enjoy his excellent pencil drawing of Sir Guy...


Anonymous said...

could you please provide us with the link to the original artist who drew this pic.

did you seek his/her permission

RiCrAr said...

Can I ask by what authority you make the inquiry?

Anonymous said...

I do not need anyone's authority. It is a rule that we all have been taught in our lives - if you use someone's work, give the person credit. This has been endlessly hashed out during the plagiarism episode.

Could you please link to the original artist and honor them as you have used their work

RiCrAr said...

Dear self-appointed art police-woman - apparently you're in need of remedial reading. The message w/the handsome drawing clearly states the artist 'Gunslinger_Borne' provided his/her creation for everyone's enjoyment.

Consider yourself informed that from now on you or any other arrogant person who dares to ask such juvenile questions will be totally ignored.

Now, get back to your knitting Mrs LeFarge. How empty your life must be to spend so much time acting like a self-righteous prig.

In fact, I now feel very sorry for you. Go ahead...scold away - it's probably the only activity that gives your life any meaning whatsoever. Go to it - rant all you want, if it helps make you feel somewhat needed. But don't expect a response. Life's too short to waste it on nonsense.