March 2, 2010

Richard Armitage as Robert Lovelace

Would the following be a fairly accurate mental vision as we listen to RA's radio rendition of Clarissa's Robert Lovelace...

Upon finishing the Sean Bean version of Samuel Richardson's 'Clarissa,' my first word was Amen!:) The storyline became quite tiresome & repetitive about part 19, however, considering the fact the lengthy & shocking saga was published in 1747 - one can easily recognize why it's a classic. (see links below for SB's Lovelace)

Part 21 should prove to be the greatest challenge for the creators of the upcoming radio version - especially if the Lovelace character is rendered as callously evil as the SB interpretation. 

After hearing the velvet voice portray what has to be one of the most debauched characters in English literature, we'll start to look at the Sheriff of Nottingham's right hand man as 'Saint' Guy of Gisborne;)  The prospect of inhabiting Robert Lovelace's depraved personna must've  posed an intriguing challenge for RA, while tapping into his affinity for complicated characters.

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