March 4, 2010

Richard Armitage: Why Chris Ryan? Include Women - Yes/No?

Do the following explain why RA developed an interest in series based on Chris Ryan books?

Chris Ryan is #47 of the top selling authors of the decade (see link); therefore,  it would appear besides being an excellent actor and gorgeous man, RA also has a fine head for business.
Following Reader Review from website:  >Great storylines, irritating political correctness, 18 Feb 2010
By Ms. E. J. Baker "Elle" (United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Soft Target (Paperback)

I am new to Conrad Jones but I have now read 3 of the 5 books he has written and on the whole I really like his writing and his ideas are both chilling and very plausable. A bit worrying in fact that they are so real because I am sure they are based on truth not fantasy, its only a matter of time. It is a sad fact of life now that these sick terrorist and brainwashed people can and do move around the world quite freely..
If that political stamp could be removed from Conrad's books then they would all be catapulted into a seriously good read worthy of 5 stars plus for every one of them. With it however I have to drop a star. I also do not like heroines in these types of books. Andy McNabb and Chris Ryan also try and write women into their terrorist style of books and I don't like them at all. Conrad has the same problem. it would be better to leave them out altogether. (Political correctness again) I find myself hoping they all meet an unpleasant end which for my part as a woman myself, is something which concerns me. I didn't think I could be so uncaring. It really does illustrate how powerful words really are.<
Begs the question... does RA find the inclusion of women in Ryan's action packed novels to be a positive rather than a negative (as stated so adamantly by the above reviewer?)  Is it an RA fact of life that his career choices must include the fairer sex(that's us:) in some way.

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