March 26, 2010

Richard Armitage: Guy of Gisborne Poll Pix

All the following Guy pics are from which RH episode? (See poll) Answer will be posted here when the poll expires...


Enrich2 said...

Re. poll on Guy pictures, I'm guessing the first series. I never watched more than a couple of episodes here in Norway as I really thought Robin didn't look the classic hero. I remember thinking Richard was smouldering, but it wasn't enough to keep me going. Now I'm religiously watching a repeat of the second series , but that's after having seen North and South at Christmas and awoken fully to the wonder that is RA!

RiCrAr said...

Hooray Enrich 2, I'm happy to see we've (or you?) have resolved your comment difficulties. Welcome aboard the good ship Armitage:)

My first introduction to RA was RH2 when his smoldering gaze at Marian petting the horse ignited a flame that continues to burn - didn't even know his name and stopped watching that series when Guy climbed the tree to save Marian with the thought - that's childish. Of course, unbeknownst to me at the time, the target demographic for the show was indeed the younger generation. It was RA's dynamic portrayal of a complicated 'Guy' that inspired the writers to expand & deepen the character.

Anyway, without any knowledge of RA's role in the updated Robin Hood, my sister sent N&S as my Christmas gift that year. Upon opening the package, I pointed to John Thornton on the cover and said to hubby "where have we seen him before?" Almost immediately it came to me - hot Guy of Gisborne:)

I didn't watch RH1 until sometime later after seeing The Impressionists, Sparkhouse & BTS. The writers vision of Guy in RH1 appears one-sided - the sheriff's ruthless henchman. Isn't RH2 a scintillating ride as his pursuit of Marian develops into obsessive love.

I'll post the answer to the episode poll when it expires. Those who've keenly stuided Guy in every episode(and there are many) are finding little clues, like costume details, to identify the correct ep. The difference in hair & costume were striking for RH3 but subtle in the first 2 series.

Hope you're enjoying the wkend;)