March 30, 2010

Lucas North's Sex Life Highlights A Basic Difference Between the Sexes...

This past wkend DH & I finally returned to Spooks 8, ep 5.  You remember the one when Harry directed Lucas to probe Sarah (as if he needed an excuse..LOL) as to her whereabouts when Samuel Walker was killed.  MI5 knew within a few feet where she was at the time thanks to Lucas' clever retrieval of the data from the CIA's London hdqtrs.  As you know, Sarah lied while answering her 'honey's' query.  The immediate thought ran through my mind "now that he knows she's lying to him, Lucas will probably make an excuse not to stay for their usual liaison session." 

Paradoxically, hubby's reaction to the same situation was to blurt out "Lucas, old boy, you might as well have one more romp in the hay." haha Obviously there's a basic difference between the sexes in this area.  Under the same circumstances females would feign a headache & go home in a dejected huff,  while the opposite sex stays the course and continues to 'liaison' as if nothing had happened.  Conclusion: ep 5 must've been written by a man.

What happened to Sarah - she seems to have disappeared;)..
there she is....drat!


Enrich2 said...

Being female, I'm with you on this one. My reaction was also, "You can't get it on with Sarah now, Lucas, knowing what you do about her", but perhaps boys will be boys! From Sarah's perspective, I'd be keen to be with Lucas at every opportunity!
Just to prove I'm not quite as pure as I make out. Lovelace is repugnant, but I can't help finding Richard's voice very seductive. I hope we experience him whispering sweet nothings and pleading for love with some-one worthwhile who returns his ardour in the near future. Mmm, tingles all over!

RiCrAr said...

Enrich2, your 'boys will be boys' remark reminds me of a similar statement I've heard more than once from males. They say "even bad sex isn't really that bad.";) Can we chalk their attitude up to the creator's masterplan for the survival of the human race? The male of the species is willing to serve the cause under almost any circumstances - while females prefer to enforce some standards whenever possible. Of course, it's only for the past couple centuries that western women have had any control whatsoever over their sexual activities, other than joining a convent.(no thanks;)

Every female alive today can be forever grateful 'mother nature' and/or 'father time' gifted her with birth when they did.

I must relisten to Clarissa pt 3 - was just informed I missed Richard's(meant Lovelace's) final 'tingle' inducer. LOL His smooth as silk vocal chords have even managed to transform a ruthlessly evil charlatan into something somewhat more palatable. It's the Guy of Gisborne scenario repeated - the RA effect enables centuries-old human-monsters to become almost salvageable human beings.
p.s. Sean Bean's version of Lovelace didn't express any warmth or consideration for Clarissa in that particular scene. Was it truer to Richardson's original intent?

Enrich2 said...

I did English Lit at university in London (I'm English, by the way, though love brought me to Norway many moons ago), but really don't recall anything about Richardson and Clarissa. The RA effect has struck in other ways. I have reread North and South, a biography of Elizabeth Gaskell and find myself interested in films and other actors because of a tenous association with RA. Case in point; will be watching Rupert Penry-Jones on Norwegian tv this evening because of Spooks 7 episode 1 whereas I wouldn't have been faintly interested before Christmas!

RiCrAr said...

Enrich2, starting w/RH2 not only I started to follow RA, but my hubby as well(although for far different reasons:) Must confess to being his enabler early on by promoting RH2 as an 'unusual' update of the legend. After reading Strike Back, asked DH if he was interested in following suit. He did so and now we're both looking forward to the DVD in June.

When Guy disappeared for 2 eps of RH3, DH asked "is that it for Gisborne?" I'd already seen the entire series by that time and explained RA would indeed return for the remainder of the season. When I questioned "why did you ask about Gisborne?" His reply was..."I like his acting." :) There's the best proof possible that it's not simply love-struck females supporting Richard's career. DH's appetite for books & drama are the usual male bastions of military action, international espionage and especially historical epics.(Cornwell's Sharpe series is one of his favs)

In fact, only a couple hours ago, while we hiked a fav trail, I described to DH our opposite reactions to the Lucas/Sarah 'final romp' scene - he laughed & said "it's a matter of priorities."

BTW, the family's RA fever originated w/my sister's 2008 N&S Christmas gift. She's not online so cannot access Richard's entire repertoire of work, therefore my gift to her this past holiday was 'The Impressionists' which she really enjoyed. He's infectious, isn't he?--hope no one ever discovers a cure:)

Enrich2 said...

You're lucky about hubby. Mine is quite unreasonably jealous of RA. I refer to him only as Mr Thornton in hopes of concealing how much I actually adore the actor. Two of my boys still live at home and we all watch Robin Hood on Sunday evenings. I often wish I was on my own because I have to refrain from any obvious swooning. I have thought that Strike Back and the Impressionists might be a good route to hubby's heart. As for friends, I've told my best friend about him and she now watches RRobin Hood, too, but I prefer to keep him as my own delicious secret.

RiCrAr said...

Actually, DH doesn't have the 'full' picture of my interest in RA. He assumes it stems from the fact one set of gggrdparents emigrated from a small community located 7mi NW of Nottingham in the latter 19thC. In fact, that history is the reason my sister sent N&S as her 2008 Christmas gift to me - it reminded her of that branch of our family tree. Suspect they emigrated to Notts from another part of the British Isles in the 18thC but have not as yet identified for certain from where - Wales, Irl or Cornwall have all provided clues but not definitive proof...therefore the search continues:)

Most men have fragile egos when it comes to their love interest, don't they? DH is no exception. Although when/if he ever asks if my interest in RA transcends 'entertainment,' I'm prepared to tell the truth; which is that both men remind me of each other. Hubby is 6'4"..coal black hair when we were married in our early 20s(now it's salt & pepper). He also has a dramatic flair/skill developed as a business manager who's often required to make marketing presentations to large groups.

He was naturally interested in watching RH 2 & 3 with me, due to his curiosity about history & it's legends...the Sunday cartoon-strip classic 'Prince Valiant' was his fav as a boy.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter holday wkend:)

Enrich2 said...

Couldn't pretend about resemblance, I'm afraid. I've actually always gone for tall, dark and handsome. Previous boyfriends fit that mould, but Norwegian hubby is dark blond, with lovely blue eyes and only half a cm shorter than RA. RA has that special charisma in addition to drop-dead good looks and a lovely personality that I've never met before in an actor. I've never been the fan-girl type and am finding it puzzling and rather disturbing, if truth be told!
Happy Easter to you, too.

RiCrAr said...

Enrich2, from your description your spouse sounds like a TBH - Tall, Blonde, Handsome viking;) Wonder if RA's 6'2" stature is due to the viking invasion of Northern England centuries ago. As a history buff my mind always views that type of detail through a historical prism. My hubby's ancestors were from Ireland, therefore his taller than average physical build could also be attributed to the repeated viking invasions of that country as well.