March 19, 2010

Richard Armitage Photos & News: Priceless Richard's Almanac - A New Lucas Love?

New N&S video...worth it for the music alone
Is the following actress Lucas' new love interest? sheesh!..the competition is fierce;)
Excerpt from the Daily Mail...Sophia's ready to be Spooked
Spooky: Sophia Myles (excerpt from the Daily Mail - link below)

Sophia Myles honed her spy-craft skills playing agent Lady Penelope in the Thunderbirds movie, but now she's moving into grittier territory as the new all-action counter terrorism operative in the hit BBC television drama Spooks.

Sophia fills the spots left by Hermione Norris's formidible Ros Myers and Miranda Raison's Jo Porter.

Well, I know Ms Raison's Jo departed the series for good, but I'm less certain of Ros's fate. in the final episode of series eight, she was caught up in a mammoth explosion. Does she survive or doesn't she?

Well, Ms Norris has signed on for other projects, so she's not exactly available. But as someone from the production company commented yesterday: 'In Spooks, anyone can return.' Indeed.

Sophia is currently filming the eight new episodes of the highly addictive TV thriller along with Richard Armitage, who returns as Lucas North.

There's another new recruit joining the grid and he will be played by Max Brown, best known for playing Edward Seymour in the glossy historical TV romp The Tudors.

Sophia's movies include Hallam Foe, opposite Jamie Bell, and Mansfield Park, while on television she has appeared on Doctor Who, Foyle's War and Colditz.

She's an expert rider, swimmer and skier, and speaks French and German - skills that the Spooks writers and directors will no doubt put to good use.
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