March 12, 2010

Richard Armitage Voice Sampler on YouTube & Some Spooks Speculation

Apparently no rest for the velvet voice.  RA has narrated a documentary entitled 'Too Poor for Posh School'....sample available at youtube...
The world of Spooks fans is much atwitter about a few recent tweets.  Actor Max Brown informed his followers he's very excited about playing a spy in the upcoming series of Spooks.  He was Edward Seymour in The Tutors.

CORRECTION: Thank You to Ism for the masterful detective work - the cutie above(photo removed)is actually American actor Matt Long.  He stays at least until a pic of Max Brown can be found. 
Mission accomplished....Mr Brown is also verrry nice.. BUT Richard is HOTTER than both combined, am I correct? need to ask, right;)

Yet another actor tweeted he'll play a Colombian killer in at least 1 ep of the show.  There are also murmurings of a Nigerian character in one of the plots.  Sounds as though Spooks 9 will take us on a magic carpet ride around the world....that's another given when RA is anywhere within eye and ear shot, isn't it;)
It seems someone has negative feelings about RA withdrawing from the Charlie production BUT Mike Ogden's words below, in defense of Richard, make it perfectly clear they've parted on warm terms.

Comment by mikeogdenprod (Fri Mar 12 2010 10:59:55)
Mike quoted the following poster....

You said - 'Well, truth be told I've been informed by a close source to the project (can't tell who, I'll get into trouble) say there is funding issues with the project itself. Not only costs for filming but apparently now with RA's popularity sky-rocketing after Spooks, his demand for pay has also risen. Charlie is an independent low-budget (as of now) film and the state of it was too precarious for RA to move on with it. Although you may say it his right as an actor to choose the right projects for himself, it is a shame that the reason given is the small remuneration.. '

Mike's reply to the above quote:
This is complete B.S.! Richard leaving the project had nothing to do with his fee. It was my decision based on Richards schedule and our production which are incompatible, so we had to move on. Sorry if that's too boring a reason, but it's the real one. And as for you knowing someone on the inside, well you're a flat out fantasist.

I say this to defend Richards reputation and to correct information about my production which is wrong. Richard wouldn't be so busy if he wasn't a good actor. End of story.


LSM71059 said...

That photo is of American actor Matt Long not Max Brown.

RiCrAr said...

hahaha...thx Ism...hope the other one is as cute;) I'm off to hunt down the Brit Max. Thanks again.
p.s. Whew! we grow 'em rather nicccceeee, don't we;) Where can Matt Long be found? TV?