March 30, 2010

Mid-week Wake up Call

Evan Update: Wk 2, Dancing the jive:
Wake up! Wake up! It's only mid-week...not yet time to sleep--despite the fact some might've been dreaming...
Uh oh, this next one doesn't look he sleeping or yikes! - how could anyone do that to...
adorable Ian of the towel??(Ultimate Force)
Oh well, no doubt everyone's awake good & proper by now:)


TeeTotallyNot said...

loving that post.. dead Ian is a tad.. cold but the rest of the sleepy heads are soo cute..
here's a fitting gift

RiCrAr said...

Hi TeeTotallyNot, I received 'that page not found' message for your link. Took a look around at the website and there's some stunning artwork there, however the title 'deviant art' gives it a very dark connotation. Not so sure I'm comfortable with a Richard forum located there, although the art work that I saw from his group is wonderful - worthy of the fine man and his circumspect principals as a celebrity. Perhaps only the website title is 'deviant':)

Which one did you refer to as 'a fitting gift'? Is Ian the subject of it?

TeeTotallyNot said...

hm.. strange, link works fine for me :D ... it's actually from Cold Feet, just slightly...fluffed up :D

you'll find a link to my gallery somewhere bottom right in my blog.. or in some of the posts :D
I put all my big RA pics / wallpapers in there.. take whatever you like :D
and the site is probably more deviations than devious :D ..lots of great RA art work there..

RiCrAr said...

TTN, Love your Easter greeting & clever RA Dangerous Liaison--reminded me of Lovelace.

See the latest post - thank you and Have a great Easter holiday:)