May 11, 2011

Strike Back 2 Tweets + Gandalf's Shades + Those Eyes Thursday

Sky1insider twitter account promises to keep us informed about SB2:

armitageblogger RAblogger
@Kaprekar30 @sky1insider Also, if you pretty please:) When is episode 1, Strike Back 2 scheduled to be shown?
1 hour ago
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sky1insider Sky1 Insider
@armitageblogger It will be later this year. Date still TBC.
55 minutes ago

STRIKE BACK NEWS - Excerpt and link below to entire article -  Observations from someone hired for fire control during scene involving an explosion:

>No plot details disclosed:

Richard Armitage and Sullivan Stapleton filmed several scenes on Wednesday 13 April in a quarry out in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town.

"Our brief was that we were to provide fire control for an explosion that was to take place on the shoot. Basically, assess the situation, terrain, weather (especially wind) and put in place any preventative measures to prevent the spread of fire to the surrounding vegetation as a result of the blast and make sure that water supply and equipment were on hand. Then after the blast, put out the fire. Easy.

"There was lots of jumping out, running around with guns and yelling. Lovely stuff.....! Also, Richard in a tight t shirt.... He does his own stunts as you no doubt are aware of – very impressive! He really seems to be a great down to earth guy sharing jokes with the crew and his fellow actors – lots of smiles and laughs in between takes. I noticed that during the entire shift no one except the official set photographer was taking pictures so I assumed that it wasn’t the done thing and therefore didn’t take any myself.

"All in all it was a 14 hour shift which involved prob about 1.5 hours actual work including the briefings, assessment and setup and 12.5 hours sitting around, drinking coffee and watching Richard!<

Must be difficult to avoid autograph hounds in middle earth...

Ian McKellen mentions dwarf filming and break:

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