May 16, 2011

New Lucas Tat pic + Wed Kisses + GoT: Geo Martin's Lament & Ep 6 Preview + Ian McKellen Responds to an RA Fan's Telethon Offer(see tweet) + The Suits Tuesday - Strike Back 2 Trailer

HOBBITON Makeover pre-filming:

Better quality trailer: STRIKE BACK :

Wicked Game: Guy & Marian (Richard Armitage fanvid) from angie long on Vimeo.

Fans all aTWITTER and hopeful:

by armitageblogger

Ian McKellen just replied to my request on facebook and said he will ask Richard Armitage if he accepts my challenge for RiseUp Christchurch
1 hour ago  17 May
what_katy_did Kate Monro

by armitageblogger

Glad to hear from my sis that Aidan Turner looks completely different with his prosthetics on ... whoever heard of a sexy dwarf? #thehobbit

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                 Strike Back 2 trailer - RA is in need to watch closely...

                                                             Medieval suit...
C19 suit...

Merci beaucoup to for providing this new Lucas tat pic from Spooks, S9, was published with, what I consider to be, a spot on review of that episode.



DEZMOND said...

that leather suit pic is just plain naughty :)

RiCrAr said...

Hi Dezzy, don't underestimate yourself honey. You and Richard are men with the sexiest organ - the brain.
*mentally pretending to stroke both hotties intriguing brains*

Musa said...

mmmm...Ricrar...I think I love Wed Kisses the best!

Love that (new for me) pic with the black suit and blue shirt.

Can I say that I'm a bit nervous about that tweet about Aidan and the prosthetics for TH :( (yes, I know RA is probably loving every minute of it)

Thanks for posting what GRRM had to say about that scene from GoT. I agree with him.

RiCrAr said...

I know exactly what you mean, Musa, about the dreaded word 'prosthetics' for RA. They can add as many as they want to Aidan and the others, but why make one of the most prominent characters less appealing? Wish I could've somehow whispered that thought in director Jackson's ear as he slept:) The power of subliminal suggestion. Among other goals, Sir Ian must attract as large an audience as possible in order to make some profit on a sinfully expensive production - that fact should give us hope.

On second thought, I'm really not concerned that he's turned Richard into a grizzly, squat-looking dwarf. He kept Aragorn's hotness intact, why not the same for the 'testosterone charged'(remember the reporter's words?) dwarf-leader Thorin?

I've added the perfect fanvid to go w/all the luscious kisses.

Jo said...

AW HELL!!! now I have to go take a cold shower, ya'll!!!! I just got dressed!

RiCrAr said...

Welcome Jo, I see from your profile that you share our fasciantion with not only RA but Sean Bean as well. You've found like minds at this blog.

What triggered the need for another shower?...all the slow kisses? If I'd added the train station vid from North & South, you might have melted into a puddle. *been there, done that* ;)

Musa said...

Ladies, I think that new photo of RA as Lucas from that review (is it from Australia) is dangerous and should come with a warning. It's been a couple of days since I saw it and I'm still in recovery.


RiCrAr said...

*Helping Musa off the floor*
Isn't it amazing how a new Richard pic always manages to pop up from time to time. There are tons of RA photos, but even the one above in poor quality of newspaper print can cause a *stir*:) That's it, isn't it...the fact the above pic is new to us is the reason we can't stop looking at it*cough*;)

p.s. the explanation I've seen for the *awesome* photo is that it's not a screencap - must've been taken by an on set photographer.