May 3, 2011

Game of Thrones Thursday..(early bird catches the direwolves & whitewalkers:) + Where's The Hand Wednesday + Getting in Filming Weeds w/Peter Jackson

Apparently Game of Thrones has a large following in the RA universe, therefore will alot some Richard space for the favorites from that cast(expressed in comments below)  The only way my fingers will permit it is by throwing in the actor who/whom?(Grammar teacher will get me for that:) betting on 'who', subjective not objective case..I think..Sr Catherine Michael - nicknamed KittyMick - is grumbling in her grave:) I, Musa & others believe would be an unforgettable Stannis Baratheon in GoT2 - Richard Armitage, of course.  Would be a dream come true if that development occurs.

Lovely and inspirational new fan video..

Headline Buzz:  During the Bush Administration, the majority of the US Media Smeared the same Navy SEAL Team That Killed Bin Laden.  They called them Dick Cheney's 'Assassination Ring'  Story demonstrates the ugly truth about about 75% of the US media - they are neither unbiased nor reporting facts.  They are in fact today very similar to a state-run media and that will continue as long as there is a Democrat in the White House.  Once the Liberal President is replaced by a Republican, most of the media will revert to the rabid attack dog attitude they exhibited during the 8 years of the GW Bush administration.

Getting in the weeds with Director Jackson about filming technology for THE HOBBIT.  From his Facebook page:

>The news about us filming The Hobbit at 48 frames per second generated a lot of comments. Of course, it's impossible to show you what 48 fps actually looks like outside of a movie cinema, but there were several interesting and insightful questions raised.

We will be completing a "normal" 24 frames per second version—in both digital and 35mm film prints. If we are able to get the Hobbit projected at 48 fps in selected cinemas, there will still be normal-looking 24 fps versions available in cinemas everywhere.

Converting a film shot at 48 fps down to 24 fps is not a hugely difficult process, but it requires testing to achieve the best results. Some of this involves digital processes during post-production. We are also shooting the film a slightly different way, which is a question several of you asked. Normally you shoot a movie with a 180-degree shutter angle. Changing the shutter angle affects the amount of motion blur captured during movement. Reducing the shutter angle gives you the stroby (or jerky) "Saving Private Ryan" look.

However, we're going the other way, shooting at 48 fps with a 270 degree shutter angle. This gives the 48 fps a lovely silky look, and creates a very pleasing look at 24 fps as well. In fact, our DP, Andrew Lesnie, and I prefer the look of 24 fps when it comes from a 48 fps master.
More soon ....<


Violet said...

Theme day, what a great idea! This one is very nice. The eyebrow touch pic... Worth continuing!

RiCrAr said...

Happy you approve Violet:)

Richard provides inspiration for many delectable themes, does he not?

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Ok, this is an overload!!!!

Thank you particularly for the BAFTA picture! I saw them all there, but hadn't seen the photo!

Laura said...

Ok, this is *completely* off topic, but in that picture in the dungeon-ish room, where the guys all have their shirts off, and the one appears to be receiving a shoulder massage? (yeah, the one right above the *gasp* shoveling one... drool...)

Is that... Luke Skywalker... in the middle??? Dang, it sure looks like him!! (maybe I'm just on Star Wars overload from The Boy, but seriously. It looks like the Young Jedi, in Medieval Clothing)

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Laura: they're getting a shave and a haircut :)
The one in the middle is Alfie Allen who plays Theon Greyjoy.

Alfie Allen is Keith Allen's son :)

You can have a better look at him in the BAFTA's photo, he's the one on the far right.

RiCrAr said...

As BEG said, Laura, the Stark men(boys by our standards) are being spruced up in Winterfell's butcher shop(or kitchens?)in preparation for a state dinner that evening to welcome King Robt & entourage.

Sue said...


How about introducing a Richard Armitage "Striptease" theme? I mean the old man (well he's nearly 40 now!) isn't exactly averse to getting his kit off (strictly because the story demands it of course - yeah I believe it, thousands wouldn't). I mean Lee in Cold Feet even took part in a game of strip poker, then there's the boiler suit scene, my what a big boy he turned out to be! Then Guy undressing and putting on yet more leather in RH? John Porter buttoning his shirt up after his fitness test, only for Danni to take it off again (along with everything else!). Plenty of undressing scenes me thinks. How about it? Or is it too saucy do you think for the web?

RiCrAr said...

Sue, did you miss 'Without a Shirt' Wednesday? We'll just have to have another one soon - dedicated to you:) a link to the first one can be found in the latest post.

Sue said...


Lovely though those pics are I'd love a brief glimpse of those muscular buttocks! The one where Richard/John Porter has to strip off and be hosed down when he's in prison.

You must forgive me it's May and so it's the asparagus season for us Brits (I grow kilos of the stuff)and it has a reputation for making you fruity (not that you need an aphrodisiac with RA around). I love it! (The asparagus isn't bad either!

RiCrAr said...

Sue, See latest post for your RA therapy for advaced AspaRAgasm Syndrome;) teehee...this severe RA drought is getting to everyone. Wait til you see your therapist. Enjoy! :)

Sue said...


This RA drought is beginning to bite. As for the therapist, I wouldn't mind lying down on his couch!