May 28, 2011

New Message from RA to "our little community" + Fancy Being Buried in a Spooks Coffin? + Pilsner "passion" + Sweet, Sweet Saturday - New RA Pix from Russian Fans: Merci to @RAnetdotcom

Our absolute favorite garden gnome has sent a message via  to what he refers to as "our little community".
29th May 2011
Dear All,

I wanted to post a message to say a huge thank you for your generosity of donations to the Christchurch fundraiser on 22nd May, I gather there was a considerable contribution from members of our little community, which is gratefully received to help a rather larger and damaged community 'rise up' get back on its feet. I am so grateful and proud to see such support from so far away, you really are hugely reliable when it comes to those in need. Thank you. I hope our little teaser want too much of a tease, it is so difficult to give anything away, of the movie we are making but we had to do something; I have resisted signing anything 'Hobbity', until the film is finished (just a little bit superstitious) but I was very proud to add my name to the book for Christchurch.

I had a belated request from a certain Wizard about some cello playing, now as a music lover, and particularly that instrument, I can see how that might be a real possibility and perhaps a joy to hear...if Yo Yo Ma were asked. However, raising money for charity by simulating the sound of a strangled cat whose claws are clinging onto a chalkboard for dear life, whilst someone in another room tries to tune a radio in, would result in a charity deficit, with demands for refunds and compensation to boot. So I may have to decline for now, until I have had time to practice a bit more.

With regards for requests for social media, blogs tweets etc. I have always worried that I will reveal something about the project I am working on that I am not allowed to, added to the fact that I am just about up to e mailing and little more, I may have to abstain for now.

So were are about to depart for our short hiatus and I will be sorry to say farewell to Wellington and NZ, one of the most exciting places I have been lucky enough to live and work, not just a magnificent landscape but a warm, friendly, generous and really cool community, which has welcomed us with open arms. Seriously this place has to go to the top of the Bucket List.

Much Love

Sky announces SB2 will air in August.  Interesting excerpt is from their website - either there's a typo using US for UK or the plotline for SB2 will definitely be twisted..

>second series features original story lines that run across globe-spanning settings as a former US Special Forces operative Porter joins forces with Section 20<

Game of Thrones enthusiasts can thank Violet for this chart explaining the hierarchy of the 7 kingdoms

This set of photos were taken in order to publish one in the Sunday Times as a promotion for Spooks 9.  This is the first time we're seeing all but one from that shoot.  Can't decide which is my fav, can you?

This was the only one published at that time...

Spooks One-day Prop Sale--Coffins are one of the items :) haha...ghoulish

Kudos are having a one day sale of props from 'Spooks'. All kinds of randomness and ting and ting

Oh my...thirsty for a tall cold one after listening to this...


MsG68 said...

Oh dear God how gorgeous!! I'm making strange 'hubba-bubba' cartoon drooling sounds in my head...what is WRONG with me?
They're all gorgeous!! Get them all up here Ricrar, you seem to get better quality ones than I can from the Russian site.

MsG68 said...

meant 'hubba-hubba' not hubba-bubba...isn't that a chewing gum? See what those photos have done? I've lost the plot! ;)

RiCrAr said...

Did I miss one, MsG? Will check my gallery...why can't they line up in a row...instead these new ones are sprinkled between a 'few' *strong cough* other RA pix:)

Hubby's response to that last whine would be a sarcastic "your life is really hard, isn't it" *he knows how to place things in perspective*

MsG68 said...

Yeah two...the one with his hands stuffed in pockets not gazing at the camera leaning against the No Escape sign *yum yum* and the one with his arms folded semi-smiling at the camera in the same place *rolling tongue back up off the floor*
Thanks Ricrar!! (& thanks for ad, hadn't caught that)

MsG68 said...

no! ignore've got that one...just the arms crossed one is missing :)

MsG68 said...

..oh no, you havn''ve got the smiling one but with hands in pockets, but not the smiling one with arms crossed...
I'm filling up your comment space here with too much chat! tell me get lost :D

RiCrAr said...

MsG :) appreciate your enthusiasm for these new pix - they are indeed luscious. Looks as though I'll have plenty of time to locate the one w/his arms crossed because blogger software refuses at the moment to let me edit posts or upload pics. These technical difficulties happen now and then - perhaps rebooting will sort it all out.

The new voiceover is a special treat for our ears and our "passion" for a certain TDH man. Love the emphasis he gives to that word in the ad.

Musa said...

Love that photoshoot, he looks drop dead gorgeous in all of them...but IF I had to pick favorites, the second from the top, and #9 from the top...but all are beautiful. That "No Escape" sign adds a special touch, because who would want to escape from that man!...maybe he has no escape from us! LOL
Love the beer add too...that voice.

Joanna said...

Caget bird:D:D
That trip is hazard for him or for us?:)
I hate beer and even(thirsty)Richard will not convice me:D

RiCrAr said...

MsG, Musa & Joanna, See above for new message from Richard to what he refers to as "our little community"'s obvious he again wrote and typed it out on his keyboard then forwarded it to

He acknowledges Sir Ian passed along the request for cello playing but said it would sound like a cat clawing on a chalkboard. He's even remarked on the possibility of his participation in social media commenting that he's concerned he'd reveal top secret info about The Hobbit.

Very happy everyone is enjoying the new pix. I especially love how his blue eyes sparkle when the shadow across his face is somewhat lightened.

Sue said...

Lovely to read that message from Richard, how thoughtful, I thought we would have to wait until Christmas for another one. You can tell his unique humour a mile off, couldn't fake that. Loved the cat clawing on a chalkboard remark.

I think it's wise that he doesn't get drawn into any social media sites, they can have their uses but also drawbacks. Stephen Fry has gotten into the odd row using Twitter, as have British footbalers etc. Best left well alone I say.

Love the new advert for Pilsner, they seem to have given it a Lords of the Rings theme in its presentation and I think they are probably trying to cash in on the fact that Richard is filming the Hobbit. With a voice like that I might end up with a serious drink problem courtesy of our RA.

Joanna said...

He is so darling,I like him very much:)

MsG68 said...

and.. "so were are about to depart for..."
'we are' or 'we're' ? am I picking on Richie's normally perfect English!!? I shall have to put it down to him being such a busy boy ;)

RiCrAr said...

Yes, Joanna, darling indeed. We don't have a prayer to resist, do we:)

Sue, Richard made it point to say he hasn't signed anything'hobbity' which puzzled me. Then I read somewhere that some fans had sent him copies of The Hobbit and asked for an inscription. That's probably what he referred to when he said 'nothing hobbity.' He added he's a little superstitious which explains why he hesitates. The humble celebrity agains enters stage right. *love him*

Musa said...

Love that man! Lovely that he said "our community"...I'm all about RA love today :)

I would say he's exaggerating about his cello playing - Ha! and I love his sense of humor, but I'm hopeful because he left the door open he might do it one day! Hope he gets some R&R during the break.

Laura said...

This is completely, utterly off topic, but....

I was in Walmart today with my son, who has this magnetic pull every time we walk in, to the toy section (surprise). So while he was deciding which car looked the most like The General Lee (he's new to the Dukes; I'm raising him right!), I was perusing the Action Figures. They have started a line of Captain America Figures!! No "Heinz Kruger" just yet, but if he shows up, y'all will be the first to know... after I purchase one, of course!

LOVING the new pics. I think my favorite is the closer shot of him by the sign, looking straight at the camera. The lens caught those ice-blue eyes just right, I think.

Anonymous said...

The new pics are gorgeous, I swooned the first time I saw them :P.

This letter is so *him*, sincere and particularly funny. His intention to 'thank us' alone is admirable. What is there not to love about the man!

OML :)

Joanna said...

@Musa-"our community"??
more like personal harem:D:D:D

Sue said...


I believe there was once a collection of Hobbit figures produced some years ago. I wonder if there are any plans to do a collection of Peter Jackson's Hobbit characters? (Or am I behind the times and there is already some on sale?

RiCrAr said...

I'm sure as the premiere for the first Hobbit movie approaches, we'll see the usual action figures. Something tells me Thorin will be especially popular.

Hope everyone has voted in the new droolbucket poll;)

Sue said...

Well Royal Doulton brought a collection of Lord of the Rings figures out for the 1978 movie and they're worth a few bob now I believe.


Watch this space! I may make one myself and ask Richard to model for me - guess whether he will be wearing any cloths or not? (Need you ask!)

RiCrAr said...


I added your Royal Doulton link to the latest post. I'm sure your Thorin action figure would have a captive audience of buyers. Many already have their little Guys -- he must be getting lonesome by now;)

Have you chosen your cool RA libation in the latest poll? Inspiration for it was the past few days we've had of hot/humid weather.