May 18, 2011

We Have a Dream Fri + To Thigh Own Self be True Thurs + Interesting Tweets..Including A Spooks Writer's(below pix)

Doesn't need to be a cello performance..brief reading will do or even one close-up:) 

Oh yeah...make that 2 dreams;)...

Then there's the following which is probably an RA dream right about now...

Sweet, funny, romantic, lovely movie:

Sir Guy: Some Like It Hot (Richard Armitage/Robin Hood fanvid) from angie long on Vimeo.

Leftover medieval thighs...

Dan Owen sounds like one of us...quote: "will Strike Back survive this major change, considering it was originally sold on Armitage's appeal?"

Winter Warmth Needs & Plans...

A SPOOKS writer to follow on Twitter, if you don’t already do so…

--Sam Vincent
@smavincent London get me?

Human male, writes TV drama, notably Spooks. Also member of comedy-writing trio QUEEEN. Keen amateur conversationalist.

A joke from Clive Standen then the news that his new series CAMELOT will be shown in the UK...which was a surprise for me because I thought it was already being shown there..
--CliveStanden Clive Standen
YouTube, twitter and Facebook are set to join forces to create YouTwitFace
--CliveStanden Clive Standen
So...the word on the street seems to be that #Camelot is coming to the UK on 11th of June on #channel4

RA: Sugar Sweet 2 (John S. Harry, Captain Ian, Alec) from angie long on Vimeo.


Brown-eyed Girl said...

The man has great thighs... indeed...

Gotta go take a cold shower, sorry!

RiCrAr said...

That's true result of all that dedication to runs/workouts. If he lives on one of those beaches located close to Wellington, NZ he could easily take a daily run on the compacted sand close to water's edge.

We vacation at a North Carolina's not nearly as crowded as up North ..warmer water, and because it's warmer, the color is also a lighter blue. We try to take a long walk each day -- with waves sloshing up beneath your toes, it doesn't even feel like a workout.

Laura said...

THAT'S the one. The last one. Running. Dang.