May 7, 2011

Spooks 9 - Can Writers Explain Away Lucas North's Downward Spiral(see comments)

"Huh??...didn't expect to run into you here!"  (have no shame;)


Musa said...

Your DH is absolutely right Ricrar, they did a number on Lucas, and RA, after building the character through two seasons, and then deciding to destroy the character.

Thanks for more lovely pics to drool over :)

RiCrAr said...

Musa, he really sounded disappointed about Lucas's downward spiral. The world has only so many white knights and it's sad to see one unravel.

MsG and I have a series of comments below about how the writers could possibly reinstate LN for future series. I'm convinced the writers know anything is possible w/fiction, and they can untangle the web just as easily as they managed to weave it. For instance, couldn't they claim the real Lucas's evil twin in collusionw/powerful operatives had the MI5 spy kidnapped and held in a remote area. They could say the evil twin concocted the story about a LN who was killed in Dakar & planted evidence in MI5 files to incriminate his innocent brother.

Under that scenario, it was actually the authentic LN's corrupt brother who burned the other agent, allowed the hacker to die, stole Albany and planted false evidence to incriminate LN in the embassy bombing.

Musa said...

Ricrar, you and MsG should have been at that Spooks writers workshop. Anything is possible, after all we never saw a body, we just saw Lucas there one minute and gone from the roof the next. They brought Tom Quinn almost back from the dead, why not LN! The evil twin scenario often works.

I also love James Hibberd's Game of Thrones reviews, agree he is the funniest, the wittiest. I always read him first on Monday.

Thanks for posting my vid :) Lucas is still my hero.

RiCrAr said...

True Musa...Lucas's body was never shown - only Harry running to roof's edge and his other co-workers grieving the loss of a long-time friend & comrade on the grid. IMO, the writers deliberately made his disappearance vague - only insinuated he must've jumped.
They could have all the negatives explained away within one ep and LN back in action at MI5.

Doubtful however that Richard himself would be anxious to return to a TV series after The Hobbit's release - he'll receive numerous movie roles(with their accompanying increased financial compensation). Everyone who stars in a TV series says the work schedule is so demanding there's very little time for anything else. With films, usually it's possible to make a couple a year and still have leisure time. Perhaps he'd welcome the added free time to finally settle down and start a family life.

Laura said...

Wait. wait... they brought Tom Quinn back?? Did this happen in Series 9? oh, don't tell me. yes, tell me. GAAHH!!! Curse you, Netflix, for not having the DVD's available yet!! Ok, a simple "yes" or "no" will do. If it's "no" - did he come back in another series and I missed it, so I'll have to go back and rewatch them all???

Musa said...

Ha! Yes, Laura, Tom Quinn is back in Season 10!
Just Kidding :) - way back in Season 2 it looked like Tom had drowned when he walked into the sea at the end of the last episode. Everyone cries, same as LN, because he died...and then...miracle of miracles...he shows up as some homeless guy in the Season 3 who is trying to clear his's been a while and I don't remember all...but it's better to watch it then to have me describe it. So, if TQ can drown and come back, certainly Lucas North can come back :)

RiCrAr said...

Interesting that both of you were interested in watching earlier series prior to Spooks7. The only time I looked into those series was in reference to the Jo Portman character. My curiosity was piqued as to how she'd joined MI5 - so I searched clips at youtube. (Adam had recruited her when she worked as a journalist - her skulking about resulted in a dangerous scenario w/evil operators, but Jo managed to cleverly cope with it and help MI5 in the process)

Otherwise..meh..until S7 - when suddenly it became one of the most interesting tv shows ever filmed...wonder why;)
DH had watched one of the earlier Spooks series on bbcA, but I wasn't even aware there was such a show during the same time period.

Just posted the SB2 trailer bbcmee uploaded - Porter is mentioned. There's only a brief glimpse of him. Seems there were reports that Richard was in Cape Town filming about 3 wks ago. If true, he's become quite a globetrotter. Probably enjoying every moment of it - same as his first international adventure with the Hungarian circus.