May 26, 2011

New Sean Bean Article..thx MsG:) + Fabulous Friday + Tom Hanks Recommends CA + The Hobbit $1,110 - Latest Auction Bids

Fantastic fellow he be
Armitage is his name

                                          Bold and beauteous thespian

                                           Unlikely seeker of fame
                                                    Lovely person
                                                      Of great wit
                                                    Unto whose lap
                                          Smiling fans dream they'll sit

For our bean babes courtesy of MsG's thoughtful heads up--a new Sean Bean article

Lovely landscapes from Game of Thrones.  The young actress below did adopt her direwolf (dog)

Duchess of Cambridge meets Mrs Obama--which woman is wearing a $340 dress and which one paid  $2000 for hers?
Believe it or not, the dress on right cost $2000...she was robbed..

Jun 3 issue of EW, Tom Hanks, in an article titled 'My Summer Must List', recommends Captain America as one of four movies you should go to see on July 22, 2011.  Can't really get more resoundingly emphatic  than that, can you..*winks* 
Tom explained that he and his wife, Rita, years ago on a terribly rainy day planned out a perfect quartet of films to view in nearby theaters within walking distance of each other.
Truthfully, I'd never make it to the last unless it was one of RA's vehicles--would absolutely need to save his for last in order to see the others.  We're not nearly enough into films to watch 4 in a row within a 24hr period.  Tom and Mrs Hanks have been a film industry power couple for many years.  She's as involved professionaly as her husband.  Easy therefore to understand their mutual love affair with movies.

For the Bean babes amongst us...
$ 1,110 26 May, 08:05 PM


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Joanna said...

Yes RiCrAr,He is simply fabulous:):)

MsG68 said...

Will check back in later to have a good look at today's offerings Ricrar: but just a little note to all Beanie-babes out there (*nudge nudge* Musa) new article in today's Daily Mail on Sean Bean.
Can get it on then type in Sean Bean in their search box and scroll down to 27/5/11 article with small photo of him holding a gun wearing a cream jumper with snowy background.
Mentions the fact that altho he's had 4 wives, friends of his have had more girlfriends, he tends to marry his...awww... just what Ricrar said I believe, a little while ago.

RiCrAr said...

Morning ladies :) Thx for the Sean article MsG. Link is posted above - I'm looking forward to reading it.

Yes, Sean's sincerity leaps from the screen during a performance same as Richard's. Both men have a straight forward attitude that's sexy & most appealing...Their stunning physiques & handsome faces are the delicious frosting on both cakes. Yummy...double portion for me please;)

Sue said...

I think both men are characteristically "northerners" in the true sense of the word. Northerners are known for their straightforwardness and are down to earth. A million miles away from most Hollywood types. To be honest I think it's a definite advantage in the money hungry back-stabbing world of acting and all that goes with it. Thank God for it (of course I'm biased being a northern girl myself).

Must have been strange for SB acting with his ex-wife. It's strange though how feelings change. I recently bumped into one of my ex's. What an experience! It had been 20 years since I'd last seen him (we separated amicably by the way). He told me that I hadn't changed a bit (he was always such a liar!). He had though, glasses and grey hair no less, although I should point out he is 10 years older than me, which seemed so exotic at the time dating an older man from London. Mind you he was still pretty keen (which did no end for my self esteem) but all I could think was "what an earth did I see in that plonker". Never again! (Of course my taste in men is much improved, I mean who can blame me for fancying RA? What a love God!(Although I bet Richard would pee his pants at such a description).

Joanna said...

Love God-yes I see how Richard is smirking(head down with shy smile-just like little boy):):)
IMHO Sean Bean look like Brayan Adams:)(in this picture:))

RiCrAr said...

Sue, when did Sean act with one of his former wives?

Quote: "one of my ex's"..tell us more Sue - Is the total number above 2? Might start calling you the blog's 'hot mama'*giggling*

Joanna, I've noticed the head down like a shy smile at least twice. First time was a morning tv interview for Robin Hood. Richard appeared looking Greed-god like, with his Guy hair pulled back in ponytail. The female hostess has asked him if he'd like to rejoin Dawn French on VoD and he replied that he'd enjoy an episode where they're long-time married couple with a brood of children. Then the female commented "they'd be beautiful children indeed"...apparently realizing she was acknowledging his gorgeousness, his head immediately bowed, chin almost touching chest, split second later his doe like eyes briefly looked up at her.

Second time was at the recent Hobbit cast ensemble's interview in Wellington. One of the pix show him with that same adorable shy gesture, yet when the interviewer finally asked him a direct question, his "I play Thorin" was firm. She later wrote that his voice and presence had gravitas.

Ladies, the Sean Bean article MsG pointed out must've been a good omen for hubby & me. We were in a RiteAid store(pharmacy w/all sorts of other items) and as I walked towards the checkout who should be staring right at me but Sean Bean on the front of a dvd entitled "Bravo Two Zero." Couldn't believe our good fortune. We've finished the Sharpe series, and now have an SB movie to enjoy. It's a true story about an 8-man SAS team in the Persian Gulf War.

Musa said...

Hi all!

Thanks MsG for the Sean Bean article! Great article! He is very shy and reserved :)

Thanks for the Bravo Two Zero clip, I like that film/program - very much along the lines of Strike Back! Ricrar, I think DH will love it.

Sean acts with Georgina in "Age of Heroes", just opened in the UK, but I doubt we'll see it in the US. (Filmed before their divorce).

Thanks for all the Lucas vids and photos! You know there's never enough Lucas :)

Fabulous Friday and Weekend everyone!

Laura said...

I'm late to the SB table... I loved him in GoldenEye. Yes, I know that's a while ago. I will also forever love his walk-on in VoD...

"No! Don't do it, Geraldine! It's me you love!!..... C'mon Lass..."

That was a sigh-worthy scene if ever there was one. Every girl's dream - having a gorgeous guy come in and save the day. (I didn't know whether to crack up or swoon)

I read that DM article this morning, too, and really enjoyed it. SB has had some unflattering press (not a lot, but a smattering), and I was happy that he looked and sounded so happy and settled.

Laura said...

PS... Loved the Enya video. It takes a lot to tear my attention away from the pics in these RA videos, but this time, I found myself 'playing' the music, and ignoring the pictures. I had to watch it twice. That, to me, is the sign of a good piece of music - when it takes my mind away from all else.

Also, can I be catty for a moment? The HECK was Michelle O thinking? Seriously, that dress? Aak! I'm not a big fan of hers, but I am willing to be fair when she looks smart. This time she was WAY off the mark. The funny thing is, she likely could have rocked the dress that the Duchess wore, as well as the Duchess herself did. Too bad she (Michelle) doesn't understand the impact of the simple over the flashy.

RiCrAr said...

Thx Musa, Laura and everyone for your interesting & info filled comments. Now I must pursue a photo of Sean w/his latest wife...and look on youtube for Golden Eye and his walk on in VoD.

Ladies, the new delicious photos from Richard's Russian fans have been added in the latest post. OMG! It's really impossible to decide which one is best image. That's two pleasant surprises to be greeted with on this Sat morning - your comments and his luscious pix.

MsG68 said...

Hahahaha Laura, had completely forgotten dear SB had also appeared in VoD, yep I remember loving that bit too! It was in a dream sequence if I remember rightly?

Sue said...

I love those shy gestures, they briefly seemed to disappear in some interviews.


I have quite a collection of ex's but they are ex-boyfriends not ex-husbands, never did quite manage to make it to the alter, although I did have a near miss when I was in my 20's. One good thing about getting older is that you really do get wiser!

By the way I've just heard that a new James Bond book called "Carte Blanche" has been written. Apparently Bond has had a 21st century makeover and doesn't have it so easy in this story - not before time. No who do you think would be perfect for the role? I still insist Richard would breath new life into the character. It needs to lose those corny one-liners and get a bit of umph to it!

Don't frown Richard playing James Bond would set you up financially giving you a world wide following. Surely it's got to be better than playing a dwarf!

MsG68 said...

Me again...thanks for all lovely photos and oo what a treat a non-Xmas missive from RA! How lovely.
Is it just me: "hope our little tease WANT too much of a tease" ?? shouldn't that read 'wasn't' ? or have I missed something...or is he teasing?!

RiCrAr said...

Ooooh Sue -- Richard would make a fantastic James Bond. The new character sounds more to his liking as well - more complex.

Yes, MsG, I noticed "hope our little tease want"...I'm sure he meant to type 'wasn't too much' but you know how easy it is to make a typo. There are a couple other little mistakes in the message like that one. That's why I said it's obvious he wrote and typed it himself. If only he would do something to cool our fervor a little, but no instead he has to go sending a message other than at the holidays and then refer to "our little community" *crush is stronger today than yesterday and it seemed that was not possible* ...wibble

Laura said...

MsG: Yep... the VoD walk-on was a Dream Sequence. A dream that Geraldine had after being asked for her hand in marriage. I won't go further, in case there are those here who haven't seen the series (Tragedy!! Go Netflix it *right away*!! It's only what, 13 episodes? Totally worth it!)