May 4, 2011

Harry Pearce Spotted + 2007 GoT fan Artists Character Concepts + Game of Thrones Opening - Addicted to It:)

ahhh,,,very creative..and sweet...

The Roving Reporter reports:
                     Harry Pearce spotted filming Spooks10 -

It's not easy being married to a Prince:)


Is this proof series 10 will be the last for Spooks?

How close, in 2007, did the fan artists come to the final character renditions in Game of Thrones,  Series I?


Other than Game of Throne's Tyrion, who I’d already expected to have a heavy impact, the actor playing Jaime Lannister surprised me most with the riveting intensity he brings to the role. As mentioned before, I’d ignored all actors for 10yrs until John Thornton appeared on my screen in 2009, therefore I didn’t realize that the actor playing Jaime was one of the stars of ‘Blackhawk Down’ - which we’d watched and enjoyed. The lighter hair is quite a visual improvement for Nikolaj Coster-Waldan. Cannot say the same for those wearing the horrible blonde wigs such as the Cersei Lannister character. She’s supposed to be a stunning beauty, and would be, if not for all that long, dry-looking straw on her head.


GoT fan trailer from 2009..does it make you wonder as well if the creators consulted any fan artist concepts and vids while they designed the final sets and costumes for the series? Note in this one that a map of Westeros is the very first thing offered. As for players, many roles were filled by those actors/tresses suggested by The Song of Ice and Fire book readers.



Brown-eyed Girl said...

When I first saw the GoT opening I got breathless, honestly...

The music is amazing, have you seen the amount of covers that have already shown up on YouTube?

Love :)

Musa said...

Thanks for Game of Thrones Thursday!

(Music is amazing BEG, keeps playing in my head all day!)

I would love to see RA as Stannis, but if they start filming soon for Season 2, he'll still be working on The Hobbit.

Once again another pic I hadn't seen before - Richard with the blue shirt and slightly naughty smile? Love it!

RiCrAr said...

While commenting below about the GoT photo of the Stark men getting ready for the state dinner, it dawned on me that Jon was told he should not appear at that dinner--wonder then why he was included for the haircuts,etc

GoT muscial theme really does become obsessive, doesn't it. Geo Martin, in one of his journal posts, said he purchased a 55" TV to watch his creation unfold. Imagine the thrill it must've been for him to see that opening for the first time. Those awaiting publication of book #5, in July, must be salivating at this point:) I've a few more to go until kindle welcomes that one.

RiCrAr said...

Musa, might it be possible that Richard could juggle the Stannis role whenever there's a Hobbit break? Hope springs eternal..;)

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Apparently the casting for season 2 has just begun.
I think that the shooting will be in the summer and I also think that the Hobbit cast will have some time off by that time.
RA as Stannis would be a dream!
But if he can't make it, I thought maybe Mance Rayder was a nice role too... King Beyond the Wall, musician...

RiCrAr said...

We'd be happy to see Richard in any GoT role, wouldn't we..however, still hopeful we somehow will get to see him struggle with his conscience as he attempts to cope with Melisandre's powerful influence.

I posted a few clips at Geo Martin's blog at least 9mos ago - he acknowledge them and said he'd keep RA in mind IF the series was renewed. Hopefully he did just that...hmmm, maybe a tactful reiteration is called for, if fans have started their usual casting speculation for GoT 2.

MsG68 said...

Re.the Spooks creative workshop....
maybe they are getting desperate for a decent series ending to Spooks 10? make sense of Series 9 massive holes in the plot and the character assassination of our favourite's our chance girls!!! We could rewrite history!!! :D

RiCrAr said...

haha, MsG, You seem to suspect Spooks writers feel as though they've painted themselves into a corner plot-wise, and want the public's help to find their way out in Spooks 10. Very interesting theory.

I spend more time wondering how they might salvage the LN character for future series. Altho' claiming it was a bad dream would do it for me, doubt others would be so easily convinced:) Therefore, what if they assert it was actually LN's evil twin brother masquerading as the real thing in Spooks 9. Of course, they'll need to clean up the killing of the other LN in Dakar and explain where the authentic Lucas was all that time(locked in his back garden shed??;)

If any writers can untangle the intricate web they've woven, it's Spooks scribblers. Are you planning to attend the workshop?
p.s. See latest blog post for my hubby's reaction to first seeing eps 6&7. He's as disappointed as we were 6 mos ago.

MsG68 said...

Yes, love the fact your hubby reacted the same as us gals! Like your dream theory :D we wouldn't really care if it was the most ridiculous plot in the world as long as they brought LN back!
No not attending the workshop....tho' sorely tempted to, if just to tell them what I thought of Series 9! Have tried to imagine how they could write Series 10 and fill all the plot gaps and bring back the LN of Series 7 & 8 we all know and love but have failed miserably :(
Re.series 9: has anyone worked out the timeline re.him being in love with Maya 15yrs ago, blowing up the embassy...15yrs ago?..going to prison for 8yrs for that.. ("I was in prison for 8yrs, is that good enough?") and marrying the Russian and being locked up in a Russian prison for 8yrs as an MI5 agent?
If the 8yrs in prison he mentions to Maya, is the same 8yrs he spent in Russian in cell...and he lost contact with Maya when he went to prison, then how did he marry a Russian in that time and be an MI5 agent...I'm confusing myself just trying to convey the it me?! Am I just being really thick?
Oh re. episode you just watched with hubby Ricrar...think he gets thru' to the Emergency Services on the phone, but he hangs up before saying 'send an ambulance' it was at that point I went "WHAT!!?? NOOOOOooooooo....not our Richie!!!!" :D:D:D

RiCrAr said...

I thought LN took a long pause after hearing the hacker mention Albany - then decided to go ahead w/the ambulance request. I thought he realized her wound was fatal and she would bleed to death by the time emergency svcs reached the site. Could be wrong about the ambulance.

Wouldn't Spooks writers have to make the series9 Lucas an impostor - in fact an identical twin in order to give credibility to their scrub of the character?

DH reiterated this morning - "don't see how Lucas can be part of S10." He added that the writers will surely include recent elimination of bin Laden in a future episode.

After we watch ep 8, I'll tell him RA has a major role in what certainly should be a blockbuster movie. He's watched Richard since Guy2 and even asked if he would return after he disappeared for 2eps in order to film Spooks. His question surprised me at the time, so I said "why do you ask?" and he replied "I like his acting style." Needless to say he really enjoyed the John Porter character -- we both tend to believe a line should be drawn in the sand when it comes to good and evil in this world. Political correctness and moral equivocation are two of our least fav things. He enjoys religiously following an extremely clear code of honor, while I, to a certain extent, tend to be more of a free spirit on most things.

MsG68 said...

...there is a tiny, but significant beep, when he hangs up on the mobile...and the camera focuses on his hand pressing the button (I had the same phone at the time) ... can you tell I've rewatched the episode more then once??! ;D

Think the main problem with series 9 was that it was not written by the same team that wrote 7 & 8. And the story just didn't really make sense. We need the original writers back to piece it back together and put a Spooks film together for 2012 Olymics security nightmare... Or do a Bobby Ewing ;)

RiCrAr said...

2012 Olympic Games would be perfect background for a Spooks movie BUT, won't Richard's calendar be filled with filming
2nd Hobbit film?

Why did his first movie have to be so time consuming? He's probably deliriously happy about it, while we're here at home waiting for one crumb of news;) *grinning at how silly that sounds*

MsG68 said...

..good point re.Spooks film....damn.
Yes this RA drought is tough on us! Hence my visit to your lovely blog has upped a level! *wink wink* :)