May 15, 2011

Game of Thrones Producers + Some Cinemax Info +Tatt Monday + Tweet of Interest + RA Reads Westminster Poem

 Lucas North's numerous tatts are a result of his 8yrs in a Russian prison -- the spook indisputably wears the RA characters 'bodyart' crown..

The person(female) who was with an organization hired for fire control after a Strike Back 2 explosion, said she heard loud laughing between takes between RA and the crew.   Also, twitter Queen Cersei was introduced to RA via the JT & Hannah *sigh* scene from North & South and her reaction was yum, yum, yum:)  The fire control woman is also supporting RA as Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones 2.  Read tweets from bottom up...

anarchee Ana Germeni

@armitageblogger Yes in between takes. Couldn.t hear but lots of laughing.
31 seconds ago

[Armitageblogger asked anarchee re observing RA joking w/the SB crew..see latter’s reply above]
anarchee Ana Germeni
@bccmee Oh my that trailer you posted? That explosion was the one I was looking after!
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anarchee Ana Germeni
@armitageblogger Was there on a 12 hour shift - the scene I was needed for took about 1.5hr not counting the pyrotechnic set up beforehand!

[armitageblogger asked anarchee if she wouldn't mind saying how long the explosion scene took to shoot - see her reply above]

Game of Thrones producers discuss some of the changes made for their screen adaptation…

Here’s info on SB2 and Cinemax - Strike Back 2 is a partnership between Cinemax/SkyTV and UK’s Left Bank Pictures:

Quite truthfully, my first reaction was surprise when I learned Sky would partner w/Cinemax. Why? Mainly because in the US Cinemax is considered almost soft porn. Their movie offerings are often sleazy type, second/third rate films. It seems with their new Strike Back 2 venture, the network is trying to improve it’s image and entertainment quality. They are direct competitors with the other premium channels HBO, STARZ and Showtime. We recently had a subscription to SHO and Cinemax was included in the price. The Borgias aired on SHO - that’s the reason we tried it. Well, it didn’t exactly work out - after ep 3 of The Borgias we decided our intelligence had been insulted with the dark, dreary, numbingly ugly series. And that spelled the end of the Cinemax subscription as well. We were not sorry to see either movie channel disappear from our screens. Looooook who’s coming back this summer - (Cinemax) - in order for us to watch the 10eps of Strike Back 2. Down on knees ;) praying RA appears in at least 3 of the 10..pretty please…
 John Porter has one as well - lightweight contender when compared with Lucas's humungous collection..

It's rumored Guy of Gisborne had one on his wrist - perhaps we could ID that one if there are any pix of Sir Guy similar to these...


Anonymous said...

Nice nipples.

RiCrAr said...

among many other things...

Laura said...

Guy did have a tat, somewhere on his right (sword) arm. It was how Robin identified his attacker from the Holy Land, when he received the injury that sent him back to England. When he saw it on Guy, it triggered a flashback, and that's how he knew that Guy was also in the Holy Land, sent to kill King Richard.

Dang, I wish my memory had been this good in my HS history class... (maybe if they'd have presented the material in as interesting a format as RH, with the same kind of characters....)

RiCrAr said...

I know exactly what you mean about remembering minute details about RA characters - it's uncanny, isn't it.

For instance, in RH3 do you remember what Guy did, at a banquet, to be certain the food wasn't poisoned? No one had any dialogue referring to his action, but most RA fans definitely noticed it.

Sue said...


Re the "nice nipples" I agree, they are lovely and pert, especially when he's wearing a tight t-shirt they show through beautifully! His belly-button isn't bad either, very neat, it was obviously clipped rather than tied when he was born.

RiCrAr said...

Is it an innie rather than an outtie belly button, Sue? Can feel a tight t-shirt day coming on...ah the inspiring ideas to be found in comments:) Thx.

As long as we're getting down to the nitty gritty, the perfectly shaped stubble is my fav(is there such a thing as designer stubble?) and the fact Richard's chest isn't covered with messy looking hair. Hairy chests are beginning to symbolize the 'aging' male in today's world. If females can keep their legs/underarms/etc smooth as a baby's bottom, the least the man can do is shave his chest.
*giggling* I realize the subject can be somewhat controversial...some women prefer the king kong look;)

Laura said...

I don't remember the food poisoning scene... I'm still stuck on trying to remember the tattoo. What'd he do?

Joanna said...

@Laura I think it was wolf(or fox or ghost):D

DEZMOND said...

I wish I had such nice nipples :(

RiCrAr said...

Oooh there's another sexy spy in our midst, ladies.

Bet your nipples are as pert as can be, Dezzy, but the stripes on your t-shirt hide them from view;)

Ladies, the scene I referred to in RH3 was a banquet attended by the sheriff and possibly Guy's dangerous sister as well. Sir Guy must've been feeling vulnerable and uneasy, so he motioned to the boy serving his table to taste his food. When the young man didn't collapse after sampling Guy's platter, the prince of black leather finally began to eat his meal.

Sue said...


Yes I remember that scene about the young boy sampling his food. It was when the Sheriff and Guy were trying to bump each other off.

I agree about the smooth chest and I'm not altogether sure about the appearance of chest hair in Strike Back. I don't like men with the hairy gorilla look, but Richard's chest hair is a bit thin on the ground to make much difference. I think he should continue to wax. I must admit I'm not particularly keen on RA's underarm hair either (picky aren't I?)Richard's underarm hair is quite long and could do with a trim.

RiCrAr said...

Don't worry Sue - we know you wouldn't kick him out of your.. errr,,home for having thick underarm growth;)

The lack of something new to talk about has everyone reflecting on why they're attracted to Richard in the first place. hmmm,,,couldn't we go on forever counting the ways...first, his masculine aura absolutely vibrates on screen. Then add that voice, physical attributes, clear, firm delivery of lines, his perfectionist/workaholic attitudes toward his work, awareness of the shallow aspects of fame, ever-ready sense of humor and we really don't have a snowball's chance in hell not to melt, do we?

RiCrAr said...

P.S. about the appearance of chest hair in SB2 - from what I can tell in the trailer above, it's the American CIA operative that's sporting the furry chest. Doesn't the British sas guy have a nice smooth one? Hmmpf!! Would happily take a razor to the US guy's, if I could.

Most of our young male entertainers today appear on-screen hair free(not their heads:) AND after taking a subscription to HBO for Game of Thrones...and not wanting to waste the $s :) naturally took a few peeks at one of their 'steamier' channels - chests are not the only locations hairfree - that includes females as well. Makes perfect sense to me...much more attractive and provides obstacle free glide paths. *giggling like a silly teen at this point* :)

p.s. those wondering what type of company might provide a good investment should consider one that mfrs all sorts of razors and hair dipilatory(sp?).

RiCrAr said...

Cancel that double negative - We really DO have a snowball's chance in hell not to melt -- which is zip chance of it. Dezzy's presence must've rattled me a bit:)

Laura said...

cannot believe I'm commenting on this... I don't mind the hair. I like the little bit on RA's chest, and really don't mind the bit under the arms. Guys who go "bald" kind of skeeve me out - especially when they're, em, "grooming" anywhere besides their faces. I guess I'm ok with removing chest hair, although... seriously... picture for a moment if you will... you've been granted that miraculous moment with RA, you snuggle up to his chest, and find... stubble?????

No, thanks. I'll take him (and the rest of my men) au naturale. Clean, of course, but however they were made is fine with me.

RiCrAr said...

"and the rest of my men"...WooHoo, Laura. Tell us more girl..hahaha..we're starting to write a women's bestseller in this comment box;)

Obviously different strokes(oooh,a pun:) for diff folks still makes the world go round. Can't deny our human instincts or maybe it's more accurate to say - we don't want to deny them in today's world.

I'll refer all the hairy chested (and other assorted parts) males to you, if you'll promise to forward all smooth as silk, clearly visible pecs (few strands of hair will qualify..don't want to be a stickler about it:) to me. There...another issue sorted out. We RA fans seem to have the ability to sort out the most complicated issues on the globe, don't we? *grinning ear to ear*

Sue said...

I agree I like my men au naturelle. It smacks of vanity when they start shaving/waxing all their bits and pieces (have to take especial care shaving in a certain area - one slip and the games up - or rather over!)As for stubble, I don't even want to go there!(Well maybe!)

Who knows Richard may be handy with the razor down below as well as up above? (I didn't spot any hair peeking out from under those speedos did you?)As for women, I don't know about the USA but in England there are all sorts of waxing decisions to make - one is called the "Runway" (I leave you to come to your own conclusion regarding that one!)

I once watched a stage play where there was male nudity (lots)and one of the men had shaved his whatsit. It did look rather nice, but nothing to write home about. He was very darkhaired so probably would have looked like a gorilla otherwise. (The others in the play weren't bad either. In fact they were pretty impressive!)

Actually a British actor called Max Beesley was once in a full frontal shot. Yuk! Now if there was ever a reason for a man to shave that particular area then he's it. (Although he wouldn't so much need a bic razor more like an Aussie sheep shearer!)

Now what were we talking about? My eyes have suddenly glazed over!

RiCrAr said... aussie sheepshearer...*laughing uncontrollably* hahaha...

Well then, that sort of makes my point. The Creator probably considered the natural covering some sort of protection when nekked cavemen & women were running through jungles avoiding predators. To me, it's sort of similar to a beautifully designed house with overgrown landscaping -- need to clip, prune and in some cases, according to Sue:) - heavy duty shear in order to get the full impact of the great basic design.

There was a male full frontal in the last ep of GoT. Nothing to write home about but the brief glimpse left the impression he'd been to Sue's shearing shop. *can't stop laughing*

Joanna said...

"Aussie sheep shearer":D:D:D.
I nearly choked with my coffe,do you wanna kill me Sue:)

Sue said...

Well it certainly gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "short back and sides!"

Actually talking of bits and bobs (I lose the term extremely loosly!)I once glimpsed Sean Bean's bare bum and legs, though quite puny they were very well formed. (Not that I'm an expert on these things you understand, more an keen amateur).

Moving on swiftly, I've just heard that Peter Jackson has announced that the British actor (writer, presenter and all round good egg)Stephen Fry will be joining the Hobbit cast as "The Master of Laketown". Obviously PJ has a good eye for talented actors. I think Stephen Fry is great and once more he's an avid tweeter, so hopefully we should get some inside info on what's happening with the Hobbit cast.

RiCrAr said...

Thx for the Stephen Fry news Sue. I've started to follow...hope he has diahhrea of the lip when it comes to Hobbit happenings.

I understand with the announcement of 3 new cast members, including Mr Fry, Peter Jackson also mentioned he'll soon furnish the 20 replies to fans questions. Great! Any crumb on new information is welcome.

Can we reallistically hope Richard will appear on camera during this wkend's telethon? Fingers,eyes,toes crossed.