May 9, 2011

RA on a Stick + Russian Fans Wednesday + Sheriff of Nottg'm Making Waves + Tuesday TheRApy: Richard Armitage Pix + Sue's Acute AspaRAgasm Treatment:) + Strike Back2 Trailer

Thank you to the RA fan who sort of suggested this theme.  For some inscrutable reason she shall remain nameless...a token of appreciation:)

Following SB2 trailer was uploaded to  youtube by bccmee - John Porter is mentioned, however glimpses of him look suspiciously as though they've been extracted from SB1...

POLL ARTICLE LINK FOLLOWS - re Graphic Photo of dying Princess Diana:
Does the following headline story make you wonder, as did I, whether the BBC's Sheriff of Nottingham is simply trying to jumpstart his professional career?  Some movie 'stars' in the USA(usually those wearing liberal/Lefitist political stripes) pull similar stunts in an attempt to bring themselves to the attention of the powers that be in their industry.  e.g. Sean Penn travelled to Venezuela and was wined and dined by tyrant Hugo Chavez - neither man is a friend of the American people.  The crude dictator Chavez was planning to use state funds to make films and Penn was no doubt kissing up for that reason.  Penn made certain to join Hugo's usual verbal insults to GW Bush, Pres of the US at that time. Poll coming up re the following article:


Intense theRApy session necessary for one of RA's most devoted fans, who has reported feeling severe symptoms of what sounds like Acute AspaRAgasm (see comments).  We asked our most effective therapist to handle Sue's treatment in a private session with her:)  His first question was...

Next the therapist conducted an ink blot test - asking Sue what she saw - her test result:


joanna said...

Well,Isee greek statue:D

RiCrAr said...

Greek statue you say joanna:) Well then, in the interest of art appreciation we'll need to get a closer look, won't we.

Sue said...


Thank you so much for uploading a piccy of one of my favourite RA peaches moments!

I think you must know the answer to my ink blot test, I see peaches everywhere, nice big juicy ones!(Wouldn't mind taking a big bite out of those!)

I think the only solution to my asparagus frenzy is to force feed Richard with it too! Asparagus does have one unfortunate drawback though, it turns your pee green! (Maybe Richard would prefer oysters instead?)

So, it looks like John Porter is banged up in prison in Strike Back. Hope the new male lead in the show manages to break him out in time to finish the Hobbit!

RiCrAr said...

I'd never before heard your theory, Sue, about the scientific effects *cough* of aspapragus consumption on the human libido.

Forced to check out it's validity and was surprised to discover dark chocolate and oatmeal/porridge are also on that list. I remember your admission that porridge is also one of your favorite foods. Therefore, would recommend if you really want to relax and enjoy life, that you.....double up on your intake of both and add dark choc for dessert;) *giggles*

Laura said...

What a horrible, horrible thing to do, that film. Honestly, how would he feel if it had been his own daughter, mother, sister in that car? would he want her pictures spread around the world? And to justify his actions by saying, "oh, you can access them - they're on the web" is such a cop-out. Stuff like this just makes me so angry. Some people seriously have no class. None at all. Unfortunately, they have arrogance enough to spare.

Meanwhile... lovely gathering of pics, once again. I'm really enjoying these Theme Days.

Sue said...


I'm not so sure doubling up on aphrodisiacs would be so much relaxing as downright knackering - if they have the desired effect. How does that old joke go? I ate 10 oysters and only 2 worked! (Obviously told from the male perspective). Incidentally Richard mentions eating porridge for breakfast, the little tinker.

By the way Ross Kemp, the British actor and now writer and documentary maker,(not to mention brutal killer of RA's character in Ultimate Force) was interviewed recently. He mentioned he's just published a book (fiction)based on some of his experiences interviewing and visiting various countries for his documentaries for Sky TV. Sounds similar to Strike Back. Perhaps they could make a new TV series using his books (he's writing more)for the storyline? (With RA as the lead character of course). They sound pretty good (plenty of blood and guts, just the way I like it).

RiCrAr said...

So happy you're enjoying the themes Laura:) Yes, agree 100% that the nasty sheriff(Allen;) is trying to promote his own career with his new documentary. If he sincerely has only the best intentions, he'll honor her sons wishes and jetizon the photo.

If the double dose prescription is not to your liking Sue, perhaps you want to try the latest treat on the imaginary RA market - he's on a stick;) Will that satisfy your sweet tooth??? (see above) *Heehee*

Sue said...


When I first spotted the title I thought Richard had broke a leg or something!

Wouldn't mind licking his face off, sweet that it is. Yes I have a sweet tooth so I could combine my two favourite things. Yummy! Now tell me will the ice cream be organic, full fat cream or even the new trend over here for ice cream made from breast milk. (Don't fancy that somehow, you don't know where it's been, or rather you do!) I also understand America have a new fad for unpasterised milk (milk straight from the cow that hasn't been heat treated). Can't say I fancy that as there may be all sorts of nasties in it. I have tasted fresh milk, warm and straight from the cow but it's very sweet and not to be recommended. Cows suffer from mastitis yer know, as I'm sure will make many young mothers wince at the very mention of it.

Now for the type of chocolate, dark, milk, white..... oh dear so much to consume and so little time. I think I'll give the stick the heave ho and take a short cut - just cover the man himself in whipped cream and away we go!!!! I may never come up for air again!!!(Or RA for that matter!) I bet you wish you'd never suggested the topic now RiCrAr don't you? I must ditch the asparagus it's no use!