May 20, 2011

Exclusive Look at Hobbit Dwarves:) + Sweet Saturday + Something Completely Different - Richard Armitage Pix;)

Anyone else feeling a slight ache in their leg muscles today, after having one pulled unmercifully by a bunch of silly dwarves last evening?...haha...they and Peter Jackson really enjoyed putting us on.  Here's the leader of The Hobbit dwarves, down on his knees and looking about 7mos pregnant:)
Following screecaps by bccmee and made available at RANet...

Need to quickly add the following it's sort of an antidote to the above image..

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Here's a couple other cuties--Sinjoor on Twitter uses these adorable clever..I know,,,am easily amused :)


Just when you think he can't get any sexier(tongue in cheek:) he manages somehow to do just that ;)



MsG68 said...

oo the Thursday-Thighs were "trying the walk"!
Thanks for the vid :)

Sue said...

I think they all looked like garden gnomes more than dwarves. (Actually I have a similar looking gnome in my garden, when you pull his pants down he pees in my pond -showing his bare bum in the process - naughty but nice don't you think?

I hope the dwarves (especially Thorin) look a bit more hunky than they do in this video made for the telethon! As for Richard with a cushion up his jumper, I think a pregnant pause might be in order!(I much prefer the pecs don't you?)

RiCrAr said...

Did you ever see such silly billys MsG? teehee Can't believe dozens of RA fans pushed themselves to stay awake until 3am to see RA looking like a garden gnome:)
yawnnnnn...need more coffee...

The telethon live chat feature was inundated with RAfans. Other chatters(definite minority) were puzzled why so many were using blue text and constantly mentioned 'ra' this and that.

We met two kiwis on Twitter while waiting for Sir Ian to appear. One promised she'd try to kidnap RA and send some pix:) The other said her friend works for The Hobbit production. The work schedule is 6:30am - 8:30pm...whew! Really need to be dedicated to your profession to endure those long hours. Another tweeter said she works long hours as well, and the men are not nearly as good looking to compensate for it:)

RiCrAr said...

Hi Sue, our comments passed each other in the ethernet - didn't see it until just now:)

See the latest poll - you are so right about the similarity with a garden gnome & RA's silly looking Thorin get up;) They were really enjoying the joke. Did you hear their comments about making RA & Aiden look sexier...haha...I'm starting to suspect they're all reading our blogs, whenever they manage to find a spare moment during the workday.

Musa said...

RA - sexiest Garden Gnome ever!

Joanna said...

Nice mustache Richard!
Don't you think girls, that they behave like teenagers?-classik:D:D

Sue said...

Richard still looks tall even on his knees doesn't he?

I noticed that Aiden has also shaved off his experimental beard too! Obviously the director didn't think it was up to scratch (or stubble!)

Of course the Hobbit himself, Martin Freeman, was in London receiving a BAFTA for best supporting actor last night for his role as Watson in the series of Sherlock (which also received best drama series). Stephen Fry was also there too! The series which Aiden was in also received an award. Not bad eh?