May 14, 2011

Hobbit Stars at NZ Telethon + Homes From Hell Narration + Richard Armitage Pix, Videos + Food Fests, Interviews and Other Fun & Games

According to @Ranetdotcom, stars of The Hobbit will be participating in the Christ Church NZ Telethon:

Event will be streamed live at following website:

Current list of charity auction items:

Correct answer to the 'fascination with dark characters' poll:
In the July 2009 interview by VL, Richard was asked to name his 5 favorite books and give reasons.  He mentioned The Lords of the Ring, Danny The Champion of the World, The Sunne in Splendour, North and South and finally Crime and Punishment.  His reason for the last "Intellectually aspirational read, which turned into a fascination with dark characters, (read this whilst prepping to play Macbeth at drama school, researching the nature of the guilty mind and the unraveling of a good man who does a bad deed, which then escalates into the creation of a full blown violent criminal)."

Another Spooks fan heard from on the topic of Series 9 -- Mr Ricrar called Series9 and ep 8 in particular - "a bummer."  Soon as it ended, we discussed how the writers can possibly restore Lucas North's credibility, sometime in the future, as an upstanding spook.  Mr R  proffered what he called a trial baloon for that storyline which centers on the first episode when LN returns to the show. 

We immediately learn that Harry was the only person on the grid who was aware MI5 suspected there was a double agent in their midst.  Therefore, in order to draw out the mole, they used Lucas North as bait by giving him a chemical agent that had the effect of planting  in his psyche artificial memories of his involvement in the Dakar embassy bombing and subsequent murder of that LN.  The majority of the spy's seemingly downward spiral had actually served to flush out Vaughn, the MI5 double agent.  Mr R then added "after the antidote is administered to LN, he returns to his right mind as the loyal Englishman he has always been.  Then Harry informs him that 'Albany' actually does work, and their mission for that series is  to retrieve it from the Chinese."  
[Whew! ok,  good to know it is possible to once again have white-knight Lucas back on the grid where he belongs;)  Hopefully it's only a matter of time before that's exactly what happens] 

Preview: ep 8, Camelot...shapeshifter Morgan seduces Merlin and otherwise causes turmoil among Arthur's loyal followers. She has assumed the personage of Igraine..Arthur's mother.  Watch for Hannah Thornton(a nun;) in first few seconds...


Delish salmon recipe:


Hoping the following doesn't cause anyone to have nightmares:)  Then again, it's difficult to believe that could happen with such a concerned,sympathetic-sounding voice narrating it...

RA or other 'from scratch' chefs might sniff at the following, but for me the ability to save valuable time and prepare something at least half homemade (can add fresh herbs, microwaved veggies etc) is more important than being a cooking purist.  If you've an entire day to prepare the evening's meal - lucky you..Congrats! :)

Examples of Game of Thrones beautiful landscapes...

Interviews generously provided by the website or on twitter @RAnetdotcom


Laura said...

After viewing those sword-fight practice scenes, I'm developing a real affinity for thighs... so, maybe a Thigh-licious Thursday?

And I tried that Philly stuff a week or so ago. Got the garlic, and made the Shrimp recipe on the package (with some chicken mixed in for The Boy, who isn't into shrimp... yet), and dang! was it GOOD!! I wouldn't do it all the time, 'cause I'm one of those cooking purists who makes everything from scratch ;), but you're right. Good in a pinch. (I also like Macaroni Grill's Chicken Picatta-in-a-box - that one's worth the price)

Sue said...

I love the piccy of Richard practising his sword-fight scene where you get a brief glimspe of that lovely flat tummy of his.

I hear that some of the stars of the Hobbit may be getting involved in a fundraiser for NZ earthquake victims. Some celebs are donating personal items to auction off. This got me wondering what item RA may consider worthy of donating? Perhaps he managed to get hold of his leather outfit from RH (which the Sheriff of Nottingham was trying to buy as I remember - not that he would have had a hope in hell of getting into it!). Now girls (and boys?)how much would you pay to get your hands on those tight leather trousers (if Richard was still in them, then the sky's the limit!) Mind you those speedos from Cold Feet might do just as well!

RiCrAr said...

Thx for the cooking creme review Laura and the Thigh-licious theme suggestion. Indeed there are a number of photos that definitely fit that description;)

Well then, Sue, we'll see in a blog poll which RA item - if included in a charity auction - might reap the most reward. Partial myself to LN's watch or one of his jackets. Considering the width of his shoulders & 6'2" height, after alterations there might be enough material for 2 jackets.

In which telethon event do you think we'll be more likely to see Richard? There's a celebrity sporting competition planned and also dancing with the stars...*smiles* something tells me his fans would prefer the latter.

Joanna said...

I'd like those socs from BTS:)
In my country we have 11 months of cold and then eventually the sun shines all day without a break:):)

MsG68 said...

Hahaha oh yes! Good choice Joanna! The socks have seen things the rest of us can only dream about :D

Where are you from where it's so cold?

Joanna said...

I'm so stupid:)
Actually,I write these comments laughing idiotically:)
I'm from Poland(as you probably know Poland is all drunks an thieves:D:D:D)

RiCrAr said...

Morning Joanna & MsG, the socks are a great idea for an RA charity auction - will need to have another and include them plus a few more obscure Richard items. Maybe his marked up copy of North & South as well.

Not true that Poland is all drunks and thieves, Joanna. I've met some very lovely people from that country. And your cheerful, enthusiastic attitude shines through in your posts..welcome aboard the goodship Richard:).

Lets try to think of a couple more RA charity items and we'll have a second blog auction during the NZ telethon.

Joanna said...

Awwww...Thank you RiCrAr:)
I wrote earlier comment after lively discussion with my friend who was in England :)
Sorry Girls:)

Sue said...

Oh I'd love to see Richard doing the Tango! Boy that dance floor would sizzle! Richard has got to take part in dancing with the stars!!!!! Please, please, please Richie!

RiCrAr said...

Sue, a fan couldn't of course get in touch w/RA, so she posted to Ian McKellen's FB page that she would donate 400 pounds to the NZ telethon IF Richard plays the cello. Sir Ian today assured her he'd pass the message along to RA. So, I would say the chances of him participating in the dancing event probably plummeted. Good news is - he just might not be inclined to refuse with Sir Ian as the go between:)
See link below to the website where telethon is supposed to stream live.

Sue said...


I'm not so sure that any of the actors taking part in the Hobbit will have much spare time to take part in any fundraising events, too busy filming I should think. Perhaps it might be a good idea to donate a prop from the Hobbit, thereby publicising the film and raising much needed funds. (Killing two birds with one stone you might say). I'd love to see an autographed script from the Hobbit auctioned off, but then it might give the storyline away. Perhaps they could invent a scene from the story especially for the charity fundraising event? (I wonder what Richard does when he's finished with all his scripts?)