September 27, 2013

Richard Armitage:Cat Fights Back;) + Is Feline community Divided? + Invitation from Thorin to Watch NEW Desolation of Smaug Trailer + First The Hobbit:Desolation of Smaug Poster + Interview with Richard III from The White Queen, Quote:"the play was a completely bastardized version of who Richard III actually was"

Cat world is obviously divided over the RA issue. Did persuasive Sir Guy manage to charm one over to the dark side?;) 
From the Giz the Gunslinger tumblr--a cat defends his kin.  All RA fans will no doubt have their funny bones tickled..hilarious:
The above mag says RA is 18th sexiest of 50 *movie stars* for 2013. He's really more like tied at #3 with Henry Cavill.  Do not agree with their #2 and #1.  A relly must've made those first two choices;) Here's their RA motivation, with which we  cannot argue--although on second thought, eyes like molten lava would be more accurate--the bits comment is right on target;) *teehee*
"it's all thanks to eyes like ice chips and one of those voices that bypasses the higher parts of the brain and goes straight for the instinctive bits." 
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Richard Armitage should really be here for North & South, but our guess is that it's Robin Hood fans and Hobbit lovers who gave him this spot. That makes him, officially, Middle-earth's sexiest dwarf (indeed, denizen), and it's all thanks to eyes like ice chips and one of those voices that bypasses the higher parts of the brain and goes straight for the instinctive bits.

On the big screen, it's Thorin Oakenshield, on a quest to free his homeland from a giant lizard. On the small screen, we'll go with the fan consensus and hand it to Robin Hood's Guy of Gisbourne.

He's actually the tallest of The Hobbit's cast, and seems to rather enjoy playing short. 
ALL WOMENALL MENThe 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

Following are fan created RA as Richard III graphics.  First one is by Richard's fan Mairaid - I have no idea who created the second fan-made design but it's too clever not to post. If anyone knows who we can thank for it, please advise.
A forum game at the Westeros website asks members to create their own House of Westeros (Game of Thrones):
Location:  Iron Islands
Name:      House Guyron
Sigil:         A black leather glove on silver blue background
Patron animal: Black panther
House Words: "We sail into the storm"
Castle:     Built of greyish blue quarry stone with a long marble stairway in front
Politically:House Guyron is loyal to Euron Greyjoy and supports his quest for dragons.
Autograph hunters group makes comment after encounter with RA at LA Bafta tea:

Richard Armitage’s Football team

Quick convo with Richard: “Rich, what footy team do you root for?”
Richard looks at us, gives us a frown and says “Leicester City, unfortunately, although they’re having a go of it this season!” He chuckles and says “Thanks for all your support” before being pulled inside.
Richard is our absolute favorite celeb. Between him and Tom Hiddleston, it’s a toss up of who is the nicest celebrity we’ve ever encountered. He said it’s “bloody hot” in Los Angeles but beats the London rain.

The White Queen Q&A: Aneurin Barnard Talks Taking On Richard III

First Published: September 27, 2013 12:17 PM EDTCredit: Starz
LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- Aneurin Barnard as Richard, Duke of Gloucester in Starz’s ‘The White Queen’CaptionOn Starz’s “The White Queen,” Aneurin Barnard has helped paint a new portrait of Richard III, the king vilified in the famous play by William Shakespeare.
Aneurin has helped make the royal — at times — a little sweet, at others brave, and still others compassionate, a different picture to the calculating eventual monarch from Shakespeare’s work.
“That’s not what I set out to do,” the Welsh actor told Access Hollywood when we asked whether he thought his performance may have changed views of Richard in Britain, where “The White Queen” has already aired. “I set out to show my interpretation of Richard.”
PHOTOS: ‘The White Queen’ — Scenes & Stars
And while the actor pointed out that he didn’t write the scripts (based on the books by author Philippa Gregory) or edit the Starz drama, he hopes people learned a little more about the 15th century eventual king.
“I hope that maybe [people] are a bit more wise to the difference between the real Richard and then, Mr. Shakespeare’s Richard, because the play is a completely bastardized version of who Richard actually was,” Aneurin said. “And we have to remember that Mr. William was writing for the Tudor household at that time who were not great fans of Richard because they had to overpower him to take the throne.
“The average man and woman may just think that Richard III is the hunchback from that famous play, but actually, he was something quite different, and hopefully, through ‘The White Queen,’ it does tell people that they are two very different interpretations,” he added.
Ahead of Saturday night’s new episode of the drama on Starz, Aneurin hinted at what’s coming up next, his thoughts on the relationship between Richard and his wife, Anne Neville, and whether he really started having crazy dreams after Richard III’s bones were discovered buried in a car parked in Leicester, while he was filming this very television series. I read that when Richard III’s bones were found recently, you apparently flipped out and started dreaming about all of this. Is that true?
Aneurin Barnard: I don’t know how much of that is true. I think this is being manipulated into something that isn’t [actually] factual. No, it was just that I was very intrigued, because I was obviously shooting, so of course I wanted to know straight away as much as I possibly could about this burial, and find out if it was him, if it wasn’t him… what injuries were there. I just kind of did my research on new information that came to hand. The one thing that was great about it was, we hadn’t filmed the battle sequence at the end of the series yet, so what we could do from that is look at the evidence of his skull…. to see injuries he may have had in that battle and then put them [in] with makeup and prosthetics and special effects into the last battle, which is great.
Access: Did it make it harder for you as an actor with history unfolding as you were filming? I know you do a lot of research, but if research is also going on while you’re filming, does it add more work?
Aneurin: Well, when you’re filming a long TV series, it’s quite nice because every episode has a different trajectory. … Sometimes you’re in a different year or decade at times, so when new things come up, you can investigate. It’s quite fun. It keeps you on your toes. I like it because it stops you from just coasting in your role. You can really work hard to make sure that you’re on the top of your game at every moment really. I enjoy that.
WATCH IT NOW: James Frain On Playing A Bad Guy & Rebecca Ferguson On Playing Elizabeth Woodville In ‘The White Queen’
Access: In this week’s episode, Edward is trying to bring the York brothers together and a battle looms with France. What can you hint at?
Aneurin: Coming up now… you see the manipulation of power come into play. Of course, you’ve already had moments of it splitting the family, but what you have here is basically Edward losing his way with his relationship with Elizabeth and forgetting his loyalty to the throne and then you have George, who is a power fiend, who just wants it all and wants to be king and basically captain of the world, which isn’t going to happen, unfortunately. And then, you have youngest brother, Richard, in the middle of it all, really, who just kind of is trying to tell his two brothers, ‘Come on! We need to work together, and the loyalty the three of us can have to one another is enough to overpower anyone who wants to try and command us or try to take our lands. So, if we work together then, one, we can have a happy family, but also, we can do good for the people and take care of the country that we have.’ Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out as clearly as that.
Access: Do you think at this point, Richard might be the smartest?
Aneurin: I thought Richard was the smartest and that changes at a point. I think Richard is the smartest and in the episodes you’ve got to come in America at the moment… you will see that change. That’s not down to his own intelligence. It’s down to people going against him and manipulating him in an untrustworthy way. So then he loses sight of who is faithful, who isn’t and who’s gonna be loyal and who isn’t and, unfortunately, he gets it a bit wrong.
Access: What has it been like being on Twitter while the series has been airing? Have people responded to you, Tweeting to you about your performance to tell you they are thinking differently about Richard or anything like that?
Aneurin: There’s been a lot of wonderful comments and a lot of people taking quite an interest in this point in history and especially in us telling Richard from a more naturalistic point of view. So the positive kind of attention that’s been coming back on Twitter has been wonderful. It’s nice to see that. I’m just happy people invest time to watch it, let alone enjoy the interpretation. So it’s great that not only are they watching but enjoying it and specifically then [putting it out there] that they liked what I did with Richard.
Access: How do you think Richard really feels about Anne?
Aneurin: It’s a very complex relationship, I think, and a lot more complex than what is told through the series, which then came down to a lot of fine tuning by myself and Faye Marsay, the actress who plays Anne, Richard’s wife. I think it was very natural and it was very true and very heartfelt. I think that they did love one another. What I do believe is as the worlds around them were changing, and the politics were going up and down, I think Anne’s persistence in trying to do the bad things, which were against his moral beliefs, kind of dampened the quality of tenderness within their relationship and therefore I think he found himself quite alone in a very vulnerable way, which then created a little bit more space between them. So I think they both just lost their way. At that point, I they probably should have gone for modern marriage counseling. But unfortunately it wasn’t that kind of world at that point.
Access: We could have Dr. Melfi from ‘The Sopranos’ over.
Aneurin: Yeah there you go! I don’t know how that would work out.
“The White Queen” continues Saturday night at 9 PM ET/PT on Starz.
-- Jolie Lash


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good Saturday, Ricrar! I hope all is well with you. Regarding the last few comments by yourself and Sue in the last post, I have one question and one comment:

1. Boxers or briefs? (....or was that someone else?)

2. Re: most recent curls. I have been recovering all week since you posted those photos. Breathe in, breathe out, you say. You try it! (Actually, it may have more to do with a caffeine-withdrawal migraine, but that aside.....)

Love your most recent poll. I chose Guilty Pleasure for Mill Masters. Those mill masters really get a bum rap, you know?

Happy weekend, Ricrar! Cheers!

Ricrar said...

What other guilty pleasures might one particular mill master enjoy, Cleo?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, I am not sure what you might mean, Ricrar! I thought we were observing PG13 limits....?

Was it Guilty Pleasure for Mill Masters, or Guilty Pleasures for Mill Masters? Or does it matter. And what about task masters? Where do they fit in? Cheers, Ricrar!

Ricrar said...

No task masters allowed in this RA fantasy world. I was told recently, by a follower, that the comment box at this blog is difficult to find, so doubt the PG13 crowd would easily discover it.

Richard said one of his guilty pleasures is watching childrens animations - 'Up' in particular.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! Oh, that is so nice! That is one of my guilty pleasures, too. Always has been, since long before I had a child. My favorite, from the last few years, is “How To Train Your Dragon” by DreamWorks. So amazing. “Tangled” comes in a very close second for me. A couple from last year were pretty inventive: “Rise of the Guardians” and “Wreck it Ralph.” They really created whole new worlds. Glad to know that RA hasn’t lost the kid in him! That may have a lot to do with his ability to play such varied roles with real emotional validity/depth.

Took a look at Iron Man (first one) again last night for the first time in a while. Love those films. Maybe Richard Armitage could play next to Robert Downey Jr. in a James Bond or John Porter meets Tony Stark sort of thing. The suave, elegant, reserved and seasoned British spy next to the … well, Tony Stark is so awesome in his impetuous just-go-out-and-do-it-no-matter-what-anyone-else-thinks genius ethic :) :) 

Can’t wait for Strike Back next month!!!!! Goodness knows we need a hero :) :) Cheers, Ricrar!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

GORGEOUS new poster. Mark Antony, of course. Or, he could always play the Sentinel of the Roman Army and Cleopatra's second husband in my screen play :) :)

Cheers, Ricrar!

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo, The new Desolation of Smaug trailer and a special invitation from Richard are posted above. Enjoy!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Happy lunch time, Ricrar! Oh, you are so cruel! Were that it were so :) :) :)

I have to say....I LOVE the new haircut. Can't find anything bad to say about it. Just nothing at all. It is VERY NICE. I hope he keeps it for a long time!!!!!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, See what Empire Magazine has to say about why they chose Richard as #18 on sexiest actors list for 2013. IMO, he should be tied at #3 with Henry Cavill or better yet at #1 with him. You will not believe which actor is #1 on their sexiest actor list -- Benedict Cumberbatch. He's THE actor that doesn't seem to have a detectable ounce of sexiness and they have him as #1. I think Cumberbatch is either related to, or having an affair with the editor of Empire Mag;D haha It's the only explanation that makes any sense.

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

I've just read an interview Richard has just given on Click online in which he says he is a dog, rather than a cat lover, See:

Oh, well, as another fun put, Richard is not 'purrfect' after all!

I'm afraid I love cats, and it's definitely a case of love me love my CAT (Yes, even for Mr. Armitage!) Looking at your short clip of Richard promoting the Hobbit, it seems he gave the interview for Click Online on the same day and place. I sincerely hope that turning the ripe old age of 42 doesn't mean he's destined to turn into a grumpy old git! (Huh, dogs indeed!) Woof, woof to you too mate. Just watch out for my claws in future!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar. Well, you're not going to find any argument with me there. I thought the same thing about the people that Glamour Magazine was considering this year. There were maybe three or four on the list who could be actually most beautiful. It's just silly. Clearly, there is some other logic going on that has nothing to do with the contest title. Perhaps they should re-name it. Instead of "most beautiful," they could call it, "Rotating contest to support the self-esteem of beloved male actor of this year." In is very annoying. I'm all for A's for effort and, actually, I'm for B's for effort. B's for effort. Not A's. Cumberbach could be number 18. Richard Armitage is clearly, empirically, one of the most beautiful men out there in tinsel-land today. He should be number one, and he and George Clooney (who I know you don't like) should have tea regularly and sit around and make snarky faces at the rest of us. It's just silly.

As for dogs or cats, I, myself, have always been a dog person. Not only that, a big dog person. Now I only have medium dogs (50-75 pounds). But we recently got the two most wonderful, adorable, sweetness-and-light kittens you could possibly imagine. So I like cats, too, now. My daughter can talk me into anything.

Cheers, Ricrar!

Sue said...


Love the caption about the cat having a human as a pet! That gave me a real belly laugh I can tell you!

I notice that another 'fan' made a rather naughty comment about Richard not liking cats, although he didn't use the title 'cats' hence the rather naughty connotations, so I won't repeat it here.

I think we may have had a little more insight into RA if he'd been asked what kind of pet he had as a child. Goldfish perhaps, nice and easy to look after, (but unable to give cuddles); A hamster/gerbil, (he could watch the poor little mite going round inside those awful wheels, running faster but getting nowhere fast);A rabbit, (cute and cuddly but kept outside at arms length); or maybe even something bigger like a horse, (I won't say what he could do with this animal as it may give off overtones of naughtiness!)

I think most men, if asked which animal they prefer, would say a dog, if only because a cat seems a little less macho than a dog. (I wonder if he has had a rather bad experience with cats that he'd like to share with his fans?)

I'm starting to wonder about whether he's getting ready for his next acting role, noticing that he is not only growing his hair longer, but also a beard. (Lets hope it's going to be Ross Poldark).

He does look tired, (as one fan put it, like he's just got out of bed -oh don't, my blood pressure is high enough!)I think we can excuse him for his tousled look, taking into account that he has been jetting back and forth promoting The Hobbit, not to mention travelling back from LA to blighty and suffering from jet lag. All say ahhhhhh! Just cut out those catty remarks Richard or we'll send you to the vets for a very particular operation! Ouch! (Or should that be meowwwwww!)

Ricrar said...

Sue, after reviewing alternative names for cats, had to LOL at your reference to that "naughty" fan - not you of course. *cough* ;D

Yes Richard invited a flood of protesting fanmail from numerous cat fanciers among his followers. I'm not taking sides in this one, not only because I love both dogs and cats, but also because you're correct when you say most men prefer dogs. I believe it's just one of those topics they usually fall along gender lines. Females often prefer cuddly kitties while men consider dogs, especially the hunting varieties, to be more masculine. However, once they live with a cat, men are just as susceptible to their charms as women.

I hope you're right about the Poldark role. We have a new series called 'Sleepy Hollow' - your Tom Mison plays Ichabod Crane and wears that 18th century tied back ponytail which would look just as stirring on Richard. Fingers,eyes,toes crossed that he will be Ross!

Ricrar said...

Cleo, what is the current count for you and your daughters menagerie?;) You've talked about 2 horses, 2 dogs and now you've added 2 kitties as well?

We had a cat for 13yrs and cried as tho a family member had died when she finally went to the great litterbox in the sky. Now we're content to be pet free because it's easier to take a trip when the mood strikes. When we do decide it's time for another pet, it will be a dog..probably a medium size..maybe a beagle or spaniel.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hello, Ricrar! Our menagerie is down to a dull roar, thank goodness. As soon as we moved to the country, when my daughter was about four, she saw horses and ponies and began begging for a pony. At one point, we had four horses. At another point, we had three horses and a baby Zebu (an African miniature cow). Now we are down to a very reasonable, manageable one horse, one pony, two dogs, and two kittens. It feels downright Zen with only two horse/ponies! (I do all the care, although my daughter helps a lot. It is very educational.)

Unfortunately, we have no large cats. I always wanted a lion if I lived in Africa.... :) :) Speaking of which, I definitely can see Sir Guy with a Lion. :) :)

Cheers, Ricrar!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Just for context, on the animals, I grew up with a biologist dad who forced us to watch "All Creatures Great and Small" EVERY TIME IT CAME ON. So, I know there is a fine English tradition of the same! :) :)

Perhaps that is why I love the new RA haircut so much. It is oh so very lionesque. Cheers!

Sue said...

Hi RiCrAr,

Click Online have published another RA answer to a question, asking him what book he is currently reading. The answer - 'Stiff' (No, it isn't a book about male sexual health problems) it's about 'The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers'. (Oh boy, I'm starting to worry about our Richard, what an earth has he been up to over there in America?)Maybe he's not going to play Ross Poldark after all, sounds more like a Burke and Hare to me!

Goodness knows what else Richard is going to reveal in answer to yet another question!


Ricrar said...

Cleo, Richard narrated a documentary on the tiger - so we know he's not totally anti-feline;) I'll find it and post.

Ricrar said...

Sue, great minds...come to mind;) When I initially read Richard had answered "Stiff" when asked the book he's currently reading, my first thought was "are you giving us one right now?" haha To me, he'd planned ahead and was ready with that particular answer, knowing how often interviewers repeat the same questions.

Remember when he answered "The Master and Margarita" and we all scrambled to buy it. Well, he finally mentioned a book that I've not the slightest intention of reading. Game of Thrones volume 5 will serve as the "cadaver" genre for me. Someone is killed and often disposed of in imaginative ways on almost every other page, so my reading is covered for that particular topic.

Another RA fan did some detective work and discovered an upcoming film will be taken from a play and it will be titled "Jekkyl and Hyde:The Musical. If Richard stars he'll no doubt sing. The producers said they are looking for a strong actor who is an equally strong singer. We both know who fits that bill, don't we;)Does his longer hair signal 19th century Dr Jekkyl will be next?

Happy wkend!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Evening, Ricrar! I think I caught about 60 seconds of the tiger narration somewhere along the way. Would love to see it. Sounds like a fun film in any case! All the better with our elegant hero's voice in narration :)

He would be amazing as Dr. Jekyll. I don't do horror films, though. Will it be a horror movie? I'm not familiar with the musical -- comedy? Sounds like fun!

Whatever reason is causing the long hair is fine by me!!!!!

Cheers, Ricrar!

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