September 4, 2013

Richard Armitage:RA Mascots for White & Red Roses + Starz is on Fire! Started Filming new 14ep Outlander Series in Scotland + Twitterverse Happenings:RA Interviewer Tweets(see 2 sets below) + Cinemax Strike Back Teaser Trailer + Happy Feet--Out on the Dancefloor to Celebrate + John Porter Coming to Cinemax This Fall (see link below)

My two fav, from the following tumblr, just happen to look like mascots (for the white and red roses) in current The White Queen series:
For a guy who doesn't enjoy "twittering..err..tweeting" he certainly does get mentioned quite often in them.  Apparently RA met with someone else within past couple days and she tweeted her followers.  She sounds too young to be a reporter, unless it's some sort of school project? Her tweets:
  1. To those who have asked, Richard didn't sing for us, but I didn't even think to ask. But he was oh so very nice!
  2. Richard Armitage was the nicest man! He embraced the geek inside of me. I have his approval therefore no one's words will hurt me.
  3. This is a reply to an RA fan (someone called her *smartypants*..haha..believe she did earn the title with a couple replies including this one;D
    That I will be shaking his hand and making eye contact. Is there another meaning to "meeting" that I don't know?
  4. Meeting Richard Armitage (Thorin from The Hobbit) today! Do you think I can get him to sing Misty Mountains for me?
Today a reporter for Gotham Mag asked RA fans(via tweet) if they had any questions for him. As usual, she was flooded with queries.  Here are her post interview tweets:
  1. And he knows he has a wonderful fan base! Really enlightening to get to sit down with him.

  2. Ok fans, thanks again for questions. I can't give too much away, but know that there are some wonderful projects coming up.
Happy Dance NEWS:  RA original Strike Back will air on Cinemax in a few weeks:
'Strike Back: Origins'

Cinemax to air original UK 'Strike Back' season as 'Strike Back: Origins'

The Richard Armitage/Andrew Lincoln season is finally coming to America

<p>Richard Armitage in the original season of "Strike Back." </p>
Richard Armitage in the original season of "Strike Back." 
Credit: Sky
Every time I write about Cinemax's "Strike Back" returning for another season, I always have to include a footnote explaining that the show aired for a year in the UK with an entirely different cast, headed by Richard Armitageand future "The Walking Dead" star Andrew Lincoln. Armitage's John Porter appears briefly at the start of the Cinemax/Sky co-produced version of the show, but Cinemax has largely treated its episodes as the start of the series, while British audiences know the series predates Philip WinchesterSullivan Stapleton and company.

Shortly season 3 of the best weekly tv series - Person of Interest - will premiere.  Here's the hero star: Jim Caviezel(on left below) as Reese.  He and John Porter have much in common.  They're both determined to protect innocents from ruthless bullies:
New promo pic from current The White Queen series:
Guy of Gisborne will visit our living rooms(Sept 22, INSP, Sun evenings) a few weeks prior to John Porter(Oct 25, Cinemax).  Here's an interview with the designer of Guy of Gisborne's leathers:
Update! Yet another reason to celebrate - Starz channel has started filming a new 14ep series titled 'Outlander' based on the Diana Gabaldon books.  This particular premium tv channel has learned the secret to success--keep producing historic drama, one after the other, and they shall come!;) 
Do Lucas' tatts read "Send chocolate donuts please!!!!"


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Sooooooo excited about the original Strike Back coming to Cinemax!!! Enfin!

I shamelessly promoted RA today to Queen Latifa's Facebook page. She she was asking for input about another actor, who she was planning to interview. I like this other actor, too, and said so, but asked her to PLEEEEEEEASE interview Richard Armitage!!!!!! Maybe she will!! :) :) :)

Sigh. Much good news. Liking Cinemax right now. Can't wait for December 13th :) :)

Cheers, Ricrar! Happy Thursday.

Ricrar said...

Lots of gReAt start dates coming up Cleo. Believe Sir Guy arr Sept 22, then Porter follows the new Strike Back season on Cinemax. Dec 13 or is it 14? for Thorin and hopefully not long after Into the Storm. Joining in the happy dance above to celebrate;D

Going to post asap the Cinemax teaser trailer for RA's SB.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! According to IMDB and Fandango, Desolation of Smaug is being released on December 13th. Is the official opening a different day? Either way, when it comes to a theatre near me, I will be there! :) :)

So excited about Robin Hood and original Strike Back on US soil!!! Love the Happy Feet video. Seems, somehow, apropos!

Cheers, Ricrar. Happy Friday!

Ricrar said...

Dec 13 - thanks Cleo. Will be there to see thundering Thorin doing his thing.

Which Guy series 1 fanvids are your fav?? I'll post above in near future - Guy Sundays are less than 2wks away. Hooray!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar! I think I sent you one RH trailer for season 3, which was my favorite of all the ones I found. It was a BBC trailer and was very action packed and dramatic. And, of course, it featured our fearless hero (or anti-hero, possibly, for RH -- although you know my feelings about Sir Guy). There's also one for seasons 1 and 2 combined that was exactly the opposite -- super slow, quiet, contemplative. Very interesting juxtaposition. Both BBC trailers. I haven't found any for season one that I like, unless we're talking about purely RA fanvids. In that case, I'll always go for the Kings of Leon-Sir Guy fanvid, any day. He is on FIRE.

I hope you are having a lovely week. I am having a lovely week -- although already tired....Monday. Ugh. Productive and exhausted seem to go hand in hand.

Speaking of which, I hope our fearless hero is getting a well-earned respite (!!!!!) even as we fans plan/dream all his newest appearances for us (Poldark, etc.). Cheers, Ricrar!