September 10, 2013

Richard Armitage:Sleepy Hollow Trailer + Black Sky/Into the Storm Director tweets

  1. Thank you Giz the Gunslinger for stunning RA-Zorro above..
    Guy of Gisborne visits Sleepy Hollow to celebrate the new tv series with Ichabod Crane..
    John Portah will soon appear on screens in living rooms across the USA:
    But first Guy of Gisborne will grace them...
    Psyched to see the gang again.
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cleopatraascreenplay said...

Greetings, Ricrar! I hope that all is well with you this fine Thursday-Almost-Friday-Sing-Hallejulah!!!!!

On your most recent "favorite activities" poll: I chose deep-sea fishing, simply because mountains are hard to come by in Florida. Are we to imagine these as activities with our favorite actor and fearless hero, or are we choosing them as *solitary* deep-sea fishing, and the like? Just wondering.....

Love the RA with kitty cats photos in the last post, and I REALLY love the RA with all sorts of yellow flowers of the Aster family above! Cheers!! As always, thank you for the beautiful photos.

Ricrar said...

Yes, Cleo, those are 3 activities Richard has mentioned during interviews. He said he wants to someday climb Mt Everest(he could be doing it right now for all we know;)

He also said he learned to really enjoy deep sea fishing while living in NZ. And years ago he said a dream was to run in a marathon which, of course, he might have accomplished by now. I checked mtn climbing without giving it much thought, but I really don't care for heights so believe running a marathon would be more realistic for me. Waiting for word on RA's next project seems like a marathon of some sort;D doesn't it. Good that we have Guysie to look forward to in little over a week. Very happy to hear you're enjoying the photos. That inspires me to post a few right now. *as if I really need an excuse* haha

MoonRAker said...

I think you're a little late for the marathon. He did the London marathon a few years ago.

Ricrar said...

Thanks MoonRAker,

I missed the marathon news. That must've been during my dark ages;) before discovering RA. I very much appreciate the feedback. Hope to hear more of it in days to come.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, my goodness. Those are VERY NICE PHOTOS, Ricrar. Thank you!!! You are inspired, indeed!! :) :)

I am not at all surprised that our fearless, elegant hero has already run a marathon! Goes with the whole hero territory.... Seems appropriate for heroes!

I, on the other hand, have never understood marathons. Unless you work for the post (neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night, you know?); it always sounded like torture to me rather than being a very practical skill. Particularly in the computer age. But I am clearly in a very small minority these days.

Thank you for the breathtaking, awe-inspiring photos, Ricrar! Cheers!

Ricrar said...

Morning Cleo,
I'm more of a walker than runner myself. IMO, Richard considers any activity that helps keep him camera ready as a professional necessity. He prob feels one he can do outdoors, rather than in the gym, as serendipity.

Seeing flashbacks of all Lucas North's running scenes thru city streets & underground tunnel and wooded areas. Wonder if he deducted that time from his daily workout??

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Afternoon, Ricrar! Ah, yes. I am sure it is a professional necessity for our elegant hero, and I would certainly enjoy any opportunity to observe his heroic efforts at the same! His running scenes in MI-5 were a thing to behold. **No doubt about it.**

I used to go to the gym very regularly until I was about 40. Then I decided to join my then very young daughter in her ice cream and live a little. I called it "Fruits of the Universe." But, then, I am not a TV hero. I like walking and riding -- and watching RA jog in MI-5. Vicarious is plenty for me.

Re: newest poll: IMO, John Porter has the aura of Night. Where night is the Midnight Sky and everything good. :) :) Speaking of Ancient mythological metaphors, I have a new poem that is very short and sweet called "Musician's Dream." It's a cute story of the creation of the universe from a musician's perspective! :) :)

Cheers, Ricrar!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. You asked me recently what my favorite Sir Guy fanvid was. Recently came across this and am very partial to it! Music by Kanye West. Love it.

Ricrar said...

It's posted Cleo.

There's a very clever new show starting at 9pm tonight. It's an update of Legend of Sleepy Hollow - a British actor plays Ichabod Crane and it's both spooky and humorous. Your daughter would probably enjoy it as well.