September 1, 2011

Heinz Kruger FanVid + Strike Back 1 on YouTube + Fan Designed Calendars, Artwork + Results of Your Fav Generation of Spooks Poll

If you just happen to be in need of a Russian calendar...

                                  More beautifully designed fan calendars:  

Vote for British TV's sexiest male:

Poll results for fav generation of Spooks (apparently voters preferred Lucas cast with Jo and Ros than with the newcomers in series 9 )

Quote: With the tenth and final series of Spooks coming to BBC One later this month, CultBox asked you to tell us your favourite set of characters from the past nine years of the spy drama.

Here's how you all voted...
#1: Adam, Ros, Zaf, Jo (21.3%)
#2: Ros, Lucas, Jo, Ben, Connie (19.6%)
#3: Lucas, Ros, Jo, Tariq (13%)
#4: Tom, Danny, Zoe, Helen (10.4%)
#5: Adam, Ros, Jo, Ben, Connie (10%)
#6: Tom, Danny, Zoe, Christine, Sam (9.3%)
#7: Adam, Fiona, Zaf, Jo (7%)
#8: Danny, Zoe, Sam, Adam, Fiona (5.7%)
#9: Lucas, Beth, Dimitri, Tariq (3.6%)





Sue said...

Love the calendars, very well produced. I might just download each month's for my computer start up screen.

Just bobbed over to the Richardarmitagenet website where there is a link to an article about Richard recording Naxos audio books. Just a mention, but it gives a little insight to the kind of person Richard is. Quiet and unassuming it seems. It brings to mind a comment I read a while ago saying that every time a Naxos audio book by Richard was released the girls there received a box of chocolates. I thought how thoughtful and assume they are probably sent by Richard (although I could be wrong and it's one of his fans).I just think it's the type of selfless act Richard would make.

Here's the link to the article:

RiCrAr said...

Thanks for the link, Susan;)

Agreed that it would be Richard's style to send chocolates whenever a new audio book was released.

Believe it or not, there's yet another poll including our fav actor. This time it's probably very close to your heart. It asks who is the sexiest man on Brit TV. It doesn't include Peter Firth, so you need have no concern about voting against Harry:)

Last time I checked results, RA was ahead by a few votes. There must be at least a dozen names on the list.

See the link above to the poll. While you're there, don't miss the interesting comments. A couple RA fans started to debate whether or not Richard had real chemistry with the actress who played Elisabeta..after that, the discussion turned into a lenthy debate about RA's acting skills.

He was well defended and with good reason. Isn't it interesting how often Richard is included in almost every British on-line entertainment poll. I do believe the man has become a favorite son across the pond. *certainly is a fav actor, in this particular household, on this side*

Sue said...


Just voted for our sexiest actor on TV (no contest really). He isn't in the lead though, so get voting folks.

I think websites know that if they include Richard in the online voting they will get a large number of RA fans visiting their website, which is good news for them.

Recognise the posters there but preferred not to get into any deep rooted debate on Richard's behalf, life's just too short for that kind of crap!

Musa said...

At last! RECOGNIZE released some long awaited photos! Great way to start Labor Day Weekend!

I love the profile photo the best! Will we see more photos soon? That is the question.

Sue said...

Like the photo's of Richard fromthe Recognize mag. He looks very different. I get the feeling when he's posing for some of those shots he feels like a right plonker.


Don't know whether you're aware of it but England is preparing to take part in the 2011 Rugby World Cup over in New Zealand. I think to celebrate this fact we should use it as an excuse to view a few more piccies of Richard in his rugby gear in Ultimate Force. Gosh those thighs are magnificent!

Here's a link for more info:

RiCrAr said...

Musa, agreed the profile is very nice BUT the publisher chose to print it's ID right over Richard's fav part of his face:) so we'll need to wait for the clear pix to enlarge the profile shot.

Great idea, Susan(I'll soon get used to it:) Those rugby pix are exceptionally droolworthy. Will get on those thighs asap...err, that didn't sound right, did it;) Runs off for icy beverage *fan, fan*

Wonder if the Hobbit cast will appear at one of the games? Hope springs eternal....

Mommy LaDy Club said...


I'm so happy that you found us searching for Richard Armitage on Twitter! What a fantastic blog you have here dedicated to him. He is brand new to me, and I didn't know about his popularity, being American. One of our readers, Grumpy Grateful Mom, suggested him to me for our Battles, and I couldn't believe the number of videos offered on YouTube of him! I now must go buy something of his to watch, so that I can get to know him better...probably North and South like you suggested. I'm adding you to our blog list, and I followed you with both our LaDy LaDuke and Mommy LaDy Club. It's such a pleasure to meet you! Hope to talk to you some more.

RiCrAr said...

Welcome Courtney, nice to meet you as well. Yes, North and South is really the best way to get to know Richard Armitage. It was his breakthrough role in 2004.

He has had had lead roles since then in BBC's Robin Hood(3 series), Spooks(series 7,8,9) and SKY's first Strike Back. All are enjoyable shows. Robin Hood was geared toward the younger generation, but writers made it a point to include mature themes for their parents as well. Spooks is about the British intelligence service MI5, and Strike Back is located mostly in the MidEast with Richard playing SAS action hero, John Porter.

Please let us know your reaction to North and South. Most of us have rewatched it over and over again and enjoy hearing impressions from those seeing it for the very first time.

Enjoy the holiday wkend.