September 26, 2011

Correct Romantic History Poll Answer + More Lovely Details from RA Spotter:) + North and South Sequel Available + Spooks + Richard Armitage..all things


RA interview:during one about 4 yrs ago he was asked to describe his romantic history..which of these words did RA not use in his reply? Results follow...

1) Sparing 9 (22%)... 2) Sparse 7 (17%)... 3) Cautious 2 (5%)
4) Scant 7 (17%)...Scant was the only word on the list RA did not use to describe his romantic history
5) Frugal 14 (35%)... 6) Careful 1 (2%)

UPDATE: Just a few brief quotes from new N&S sequel:  "he was literally putty in her hands".;.Enrique began to grizzle"(made me pause..grizzly bear came to mind..not same context at all);  "tapas"(flashback to Maya);.."unable to stop himself from imagining Mgt holding his child in her arms someday";..Hannah and Mr Whitaker;.."John..spun her around in his arms";.."she saw tears in his eyes...."

Just finished Chpt 6 of a new sequel to North and South titled 'Northern Light 'by Catherine Winchester.  IMO, the characters are true to Mrs Gaskell's.  The wedding night is sensitively written.  Victorians might not approve but IMO the majority of RA fans will.  As you know, the famous train station scene was written by a C21 writer, Sandy Welch, who made other changes as well to Mrs Gaskell's novel for the TV adaptation.

NEWS: Thanks to Calexora and Musa's keen eyes we have further details from a woman in NZ who had the pleasure of observing RA and Orlando Bloom 'doing lunch' a few mos ago...


SPOOKS 10 Interview:
Hear Nicola(Ruth) describe watching RA’s brain go into reverse after he was told his character Lucas North was not who he’d seemed to be for two series:

Those in US can hear the clip at below website..
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Smaug tries to steal RA's thunder...:)

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Sue said...

Interesting to discover that a sequel to N&S has been written. I'm not so sure that it could be anything but an anti-climax to the first story. In my mind it ended on the right note. I especially loved the scene with Higgins telling John Thornton that "it was her brother". Priceless!

Now as for Sparkhouse, that would be suitable for a sequel. After all Wuthering Heights continued the story after Cathy died and what happened to Heathcliffe after he married, so it would be apt to see how it panned out for the couple after Andrew died in Sparkhouse.

I wonder if RA's invested in a kindle? I know he may prefer books but with all the travelling he now does perhaps a kindle might be more convenient?

Sue said...


Just clicked on the UK link for the ebook of Northern Light. Apparently you can obtain a free sample of the book and I've just downloaded the software so that I can read it on my PC (don't have a kindle unfortunately). Just about to download my sample.

Thanks for the heads up on this one. Now if only we could get Richard to lend his dulcet tones to an audio book of this I'd be a happy bunny!!!!!

RiCrAr said...

A kindle is such a convenient joy Sue. It's so compact and easy to carry that it assures we pleasantly pass all those times we find ourselves waiting in a dentist's or some other ofc. Downloads occur within seconds - no need to use precious car fuel for the purchase. In Richard's case, all those available moments on set during filming can be used to stay in character by soaking up more Tolkien. Imagine RA in full Thorin costume holding a kindle in Middle Earth. He'd better protect it from Smaug or it could become the latter's new precioussss
*(what a silly sausage:)*

Actually the British writer who penned the N&S sequel explained her motivation was her respect and awe for Mrs Gaskell's novel. I'm only on Chpt7 but am thoroughly enjoying it. The wedding night scene is a compromise - not Victorian yet not totally C21.

My own complaint would be that just once it would've been nice that instead of JT "cupping her cheeks with his hands" it might've been the southern rather than the northern cheeks. *giggles* Believe you'll approve of respectful sequel to the lovely story. She delves into cotton mill details and includes many familiar characters. Another pleasant and endearing feature are references to many of JT's most memorable remarks in Mrs Gaskell's work.

Sue said...


I downloaded the sample and then thought "oh what the hell, for the sake of £1.14 I'll download the whole book", so I did! From the sample I've briefly read the characters seem to be a little softer than the originals. I notice that she seems to have based her characterisations on the TV drama N&S as opposed to the book, which is quite different and tells it from the perspective of John Thornton and his thoughts. If I'm honest I'd have expected John Thornton, being the stubborn and proud man that he was not to accept her money to bail him out. The sample seemed a bit too lovey dovey, I could see lots of set backs in the two characters future together (not forgetting the Mrs. Thornton senior). Interesting to see how it ends.

As for swapping books for a kindle, well I'm not so sure. I love to browse charity shops and car boots for second hand copies of books and sit in front of the telly reading or in bed last thing at night. Not the same with a kindle. Besides I'm apt to put things down and forget where I've put them. Not too serious with a battered old book but I'd go mad trying to find where I'd put an expensive kindle! (Lose one book is not so bad but to lose all your books on a kindle would be devastating!)

RiCrAr said...

I still collect certain hardcovers, Sue. Have not stopped checking 'flea market' bookstands in nearby college town for local history plus collectors items. Latest treasure found is first edition 1948 of Winston Churchill's 'A Gathering Storm.'

Wasn't it interesting that the sequel writer chose to pick up the story in auntie's London drawing room rather than at Sandy's train station.

I'm not sure how much progress you've made so hesitate to comment on Hannah's reaction to the prospect of Mgt moving into her mother-in-law's house.

At one point, as a new RA fan, I'd participated at one of the forums in the game of writing a sequel. We explored a couple of the same avenues Cath Winchester has taken in her newly published sequel - as far as John's attitude toward his intelligent, feisty betrothed and how she'd assimilate into life at the mill.

We started to suggest John/Mgt wanted to expand their cotton business into newly industrialized America..even sent Higgins and their oldest son on a steamship to explore the possibilities. John & Mgt were to stay home to manage Marborough Mills. We never did finish that gameplaying version...anxious to learn the ending to this one.

Let me know if you approve of the wedding night/morning passage...rather delish but still in good taste, IMO:) *swoon* Realize there might be some who would prefer not to think of the couple in a natural married setting, but as Richard himself inferred in an interview - it's the 21st happens:)

Sue said...


I've only read the first couple of chapters I'm ashamed to say. I must admit if I'd had a stab at the sequel myself I would have put a few more obstacles in Margaret and John's way to spice it up a bit. Mainly be starting off with JT trying to get a financial backer (not Margaret)to retain his stubborn independence. I doubt if John would ever have accepted her offer, and if he did it would be strictly set out in a business-like contract. Then John would not want to marry Margaret until he was in funds again and be the sole breadwinner of course. Shame that the sequence at the train station was substituted. I'd have preferred it to have begun from that scene.

As for the business side of things, well the cotton industry was eventually doomed anyway, most of the weaving looms were eventually sold off as scrap to the likes of India where labour was cheap in the early 1900's.

Perhaps John should have found another sideline to invest in rather than a cotton mill. (Maybe silk weaving, my ancestors were silk weavers in Cheshire).Basically I would have liked the couple to have started from scratch and struggled to make ends meet, triumphing in the end against all the odds (and Mrs. Thornton senior!)

I can't see me ever buying a kindle, I'm too set in my ways, more for the younger generation. I've also got a little lazy and if I need to research anything I head for the internet and the wealth of information on it. Bad habits die hard I'm afraid! (In more ways than one!)

RiCrAr said...

Sue, The story doesn't really take off until about Chpt 10 when John & Mgt get more adventurous in all sorts of ways..not just business ventures:) Who knew Mgt could be so saucy...John definitely approves...credits her independence streak for it.

I'd just complained that I was beginning to suspect Richard's mum, Mrs A, had written 'Northern Light' when the next chpt made it perfectly clear that she had not. As someone said to me - she would never want another BTS situation:)

Let's just say it was surprising to learn there was such a thing as a 'heated' Victorian clawfoot tub. *giggle* If that doesn't get you reading again, I don't know what will - unless it's when they....*darn, don't want to spoil it one you* Read and we can share opinions whether we believe the sequel is true to Mrs G's characters. Keeping in mind if she were alive today she'd no doubt be less errr...victorian.

Sue said...


I must say I'm curious as to what Richard would think about this sequel. I wonder if he'd consider filming it? (Or would he worry his bum might drop to the floor in those saucy scenes!Well it is a while since BTS!)

Those Victorian baths are very spacious, easily enough for two! They are favoured over here in England by interior designers. Unfortunately mine isn't that big and I imagine Richard's very long, lean, legs would be draped over the edges, as would I be!(Over Richard!)